Albatross – “Desperate Times Best Forgotten”

Albatross - Adam Stockdale

Nashville – Adam Stockdale is Albatross, or Albatross is Adam Stockdale. Either way this singer/songwriter has planted himself in the heart of Nashville, and he is here to stay. After visiting here a few years ago on tour with a few guys you may have heard of, Mumford and Sons, he decided to stay and hang out a bit. He fell in love with the city’s music community and being able to collaborate with so many other artists. But that interview has been done and this is a new album, with his own label. The new album is Desperate Times Best Forgotten and the record label is “The Word of Mouth Project”. Listening to him speak of his new album and record label, you can hear his passion. He believes in the art and he believes in the music.

Stockdale’s approach to releasing a new album is a bit unconventional. His label, “The Word of Mouth Project” is more of a campaign really. He is letting his fans buy into the label, so that they can actually make money off of the record as well. This must be the first time in history any artist has allowed fans to do this.

“I truly believe the future of self-releasing music is embedded in the concept of enhancing the relationship between artist and audience, and making them aware that it is held in as high regard as it should be. We are all in it together.” – Stockdale

Desperate Times Best Forgotten is the first full length record released by Albatross. For those who like to categorize things into nice little packages, this can go into the folk-pop-Americana genre with even a little bit of bluegrass thrown in for good measure. Which can seem like somewhat of an oxymoron, but he seems to pull it off well. Blending the sounds of various instruments with his smooth as silk voice, Albatross has lyrics that will resonate with everyone. Songs of life and love, messages that inspire you as he finger-picks his acoustic guitar to perfection. His heartfelt music brings you back to maybe a more peaceful feeling, calming our thoughts. The musicians credited on this album are many, and incredibly talented, playing everything from a stand-up bass to fiddle and banjo.

As the song, “Burden to Bear” begins, your mind jumps from the blast of drums to piano, organ, French horn, trumpet and trombone. This song is loaded with other instruments as well (acoustic guitar, electric bass, electric guitar, strings, synth pad) but those seem to jump out at me. Then his voice begins, as those title lyrics sing out. The voice of Albatross is so smooth, it’s as if it’s filled with grace, like a ballet dancer. Floating just enough to touch the ground, constantly up in the air. A simple song with lyrics that let someone you care about know that you are there for them in a time of need. The mood is quite somber.

Albatross - Adam Stockdale Album

I am excited to see where this new album will take Albatross and his new record label. It is very exciting for his fans to be able to be a part of the process. For more information on how to get involved please check out his website at His album is available for purchase on iTunes.

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