Album Review: Eros and the Eschaton, Home Address for Civil War

It’s not very often you’ll stumble upon a husband and wife musical duo who are so good at their craft you wish you could do the same with your other half. But when you actually do, they’re usually those on the it list of legends and already in a league of their own. For example, Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley; Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth (separation aside, they indeed were the backbone of the band); and then there’s the late Johnny Cash and June Carter, just to name a few. That list would soon see a new entrée. Fellow music freaks, meet Adam Hawkins and Kate Perdoni. 

Husband and wife, Hawkins and Perdoni met in Omaha when they were playing in different bands. They fell in love, got married, had a kid and hit the road, touring 18 states in a motorhome before settling down in Greensboro, NC where they decided to form Eros and the Eschaton and recorded their full-length debut, Home Address for Civil War

The album opens with the faint sound of a crying baby as “20 Different Days” captures intense layers of soaring guitars, big drums mixed with the soft and mellow sound of Perdoni’s voice making it a perfect introductory number. “Carry the Water” introduces us to Hawkins’ dreamy vocals as the duo’s floaty harmonies gelled in rather beautifully with their brand of shoegaze pop music.

What follows are track load of musical goodness. First single “Heaven Inside” is a flux of shoegaze at its purest – heavy guitar effects and persistent drums creating outright musical chaos while Hawkins and Perdoni captivate with their vocal harmonies. “Over and Over” – a personal favorite resound in my head as they sing, ‘Over and over and over we fight / we still can’t get it right’ – sees the band mixing dream pop with touch of grinding indie rock coated with the sincerest of emotions – the one part I find most vital beside skills and technicalities.

Yet I’m not surprised. Despite the band’s heavily reverbed vocals, track list filled with intense energy and the atmospheric feel of the alternative sound that is shoegaze – Eros and the Eschaton not only managed to produce one of the most significant new shoegaze records in recent years; they have also capture the most important element of music making: It’s heart.

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