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Los Angeles – Little Rock, Arkansas alt-pop-rock group, Knox Hamilton caught some well deserved attention in 2015 with their EP, How’s Your Mind. This led to a slew of gigs performing with bands like Colony House, Young the Giant, and The Head and The Heart. This time around, Knox Hamilton is looking to breakthrough all on their very own. The trio, which includes, Boots Copeland (vocals, guitar, bass), Drew Buffington (guitar), and Cobo Copeland (drums), is about to release their debut album, The Heights (Prospect Park Records) on March 10th. The extensive thirteen-song collection is filled with breezy guitars, lively drumbeats, and appealing choruses. It’s a solid combination. The Heights captured has the aura of sunny California in spite of some darker themes being thrown into the mix.

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You will immediately be hooked by the driving force of “We Get Back.” It’s a splash of excitement packaged in a three-minute track. The soft vocals of Copeland are complimented with echoing synths, effervescent drums, and beach-y guitars. It gets you pumped for what’s to come. “Washed Up Together,” one of the singles off The Heights, is a great follow-up. It features sweet harmonies and pensive lyrics. It’s another exercise in catchy vibes that you’ll grow to love with this band. Toe-tapper “Set It On Fire” will keep you moving and shaking as Knox Hamilton stays fairly consistent in tone throughout the course of this solid debut.

“Pretty Way To Fight,” is an elegant, under-the-radar track that puts Knox Hamilton in a whole new light. It’s a refreshing sound with crisp guitars and lively synths. It shows that Knox Hamilton knows how to switch things up a bit. “How’s Your Mind” is another distinctive winner. With dreamy hooks, a catchy chorus, and gentle vocals, this single is difficult to resist pressing repeat on.

As you make your way through The Heights, “Work It Out” and “Rightfully So” from their last EP make an appearance. “Never My Love” is a solid cover of a song that’s 50 years old from pop group The Association. “Barely Missed You” has ex-lovers pondering their former significant others. The song is emotionally affective with pleasant harmonies throughout. “Barely Missed You” enables Knox Hamilton to reveal a more diverse and gentle component to their overall sound.  The title track, “The Heights” closes out the record in a way that’s both tranquil and compelling. When it’s all over with, it was clear to me that Knox Hamilton had delivered a solid, exceedingly gratifying experience. “The Heights” will get you a head start toward summer and may just be what you need to cure your dreary day blues.

The Heights is available for purchase for digital download through iTunes. Knox Hamilton will begin a tour with Colony House on March 19th in Houston, TX. Head over to the Knox Hamilton Facebook page for tour dates.

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