The Lighthouse And The Whaler – “Mont Royal”

The Lighthouse and the Whaler

Los Angeles – Mont Royal (Roll Call Records) is the grandiose return of Cleveland indie rockers The Lighthouse and The Whaler. It’s been three years since the quartet’s last full-length effort, This Is An Adventure. The record is both sprawling and substantially complex with its incredible build of strings, guitar crashes, and pulsating kick drums. Vocalist/guitarist Michael LoPresti, multi-instrumentalist Mark Porostosky, percussionist Matthew LoPresti and drummer Ryan Walker make up The Lighthouse and The Whaler, a name that was inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. LoPresti’s bold vocals drive this album to a higher level. However, his band displays a lot of subtlety. The result is a creation constructed with a lot of build up with layers upon layers of transfixing sounds and arrangements. Mont Royal will attract fans of Local Natives and Young The Giant, but needless to say, they have a sound all their own. The band’s third LP is an idyllic exploration of self-discovery which embraces a fresh sound.

“In Motion” opens up Mont Royal with rich guitar chords and passionate vocals. The idea of pushing on despite darkness or hard times comes to mind with the ebb and flow of the song. “I Want To Feel Alive” is powerful, with its orchestral arrangements and elevating tempo. LoPresti persuasively belts out the line, “I want to feel alive” numerous times to get the point across. There’s an incredible amount of conviction and fortitude in his voice making the listener feel the exact same way he does. “Glory” is that obligatory track on these type of albums. That track that has the vocalist chanting “oh, oh, oooooohs,” but we like these songs for a reason. There’s heart and soul here. It’s spotlessly structured, with light drum beats and opulent guitars to accompany the vocals.  The fourth track, “Senses,” adds some synth and feels more upbeat. It’s more of a dance-rock track. The fast guitars and infectious beats change the feel of the record momentarily, however, it still makes a strong contribution to the album. The halfway point of the ten-track record is “We Aren’t Who We Thought We Are.” This harrowing gem is calm as still water as it slips into the listener’s mind.

At this point in the record, it comes as no surprise that we are bestowed another killer track known as “Closer.” It’s the kind of song that will get you excited about something again. You’ll feel revitalized with the crisp sounds and continuous momentum that the song carries throughout its course. “Old World” offers plenty to connect with soothing melodies and a delightfully open sound. As the listener comes down to the wire on Mont Royal, the experience has been a memorable one to say the least. The final bow is the track “We Are Infinite.” This slow-tempo, reflective tune enlightens listeners on various levels. The marvelous build up with the haunting vocals is painstakingly crafted. The emotional gravity of “We Are Infinite” is unparalleled as this tranquil jam makes you ponder everything you’re up against. Mont Royal is an album that let’s you take a step back to take a look at everything and anything that matters.

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Sean Kayden

Sean Kayden

His father has always been an avid fan of 70s and 80s artists. He introduced Sean at an early age to the likes of many rock groups of that era. In the late 90s, Sean acquired a fondness for the likes of such alternative bands as Smashing Pumpkins, Goo Goo Dolls, and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In high school, he gravitated towards artists like Brand New, Saves The Day, and Fall Out Boy. As Sean entered California State University Fullerton, where he earned his BA in Radio/TV/Film, his music taste expanded to the realm of Broken Social Scene, The National, and Death Cab For Cutie. For as long as Sean can remember, he has always had the desire of launching his own stories that would someday be presented through television, film, and print. This form of expression continuously uplifts his spirit. Sean is a certified TRX fitness trainer and teaches group classes as well.
Sean Kayden