Album Preview: Jack Name, Light Show


Seattle – Sensory perversion isn’t often given enough credit. When a sound truly assaults your ears, it tends to be viewed (or rather, heard) negatively; this kind of reaction might be automatic but it isn’t necessarily the one that should last. Art can be shocking, can be jarring, can be painful – what makes it

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Album Review: Angel Haze, Dirty Gold


Seattle – When Angel Haze leaked her own album, she certainly got attention. It was an act of defiance when Island/Republic Records pushed back the album’s release until March 2014. She wasn’t too happy about that so went all rebel on them; the label succumbed to her demands and Angel Haze’s debut full-length album, Dirty Gold,

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Featured Artist: Angel Haze


Seattle – Angel Haze is an American rapper. Angel Haze is a profound lyricist. Angel Haze, perhaps most importantly, is a serious rebel. Sure, albums are leaked all the time but it’s not so common that an artist defies her label and pre-releases a sample of her album. This is exactly what Angel Haze did

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Album Review: Magic Trick, Rivers of Souls


Seattle – Tim Cohen is at it again. This time, however, San Francisco’s lo-fi poster child is mixing it up a bit. With his project Magic Trick, Cohen released Rivers of Souls  – an immensely emotional album, which I supposed you can probably tell from its title alone. Rivers of Souls opens with the warm invitation to “Come Inside;”

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Album Review: Toy – Join the Dots


Seattle – British quintet Toy’s sophomore album, Join the Dots, starts off in space… deep space. Opening track, “Conductor” has that sci-fi vibe that would lead anyone to believe they’re in for an album of post-rock ballads. The exclusive dominance of this sound, however, is only a passing introduction. It does remain a constant backdrop for

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Featured Artist: Cumulus


Seattle – The name Cumulus is just asking for cloud puns, but I’m going to resist because the band is far worthier than even the best pun could deliver.  The Seattle trio was born out of singer/songwriter Alexandra Niedzialkowski’s (nee-jul-KOFF-ski) solo project. Lance Umble (guitar) and Leah Julius (bass) joined Niedzialkowski and with that, Cumulus

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