Caveman Blows New Yorkers Out Of The Water

Caveman live by Liz Rowley

New York – Brooklyn-based indie rock quintet Caveman delivered a firmly memorable performance Sunday afternoon on the sprawling shores of the Atlantic, catching a crowd of city dwellers quite outside their usual habitat. The concert took place at The Riis Beach Bazaar, a phenomenal venue erected by the masterminds that brought us the Brooklyn Night

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Danielle Miraglia Explores The Paradox Of Egotism

Danielle Miraglia

Brooklyn – Danielle Miraglia is a Massachusetts-bred soloist whose blues-brewed work packs a philosophic punch. Masterfully, Miraglia’s harmonica-laced ballades chronicle both the artist’s temperament and the status of the masses. With her latest release, Glory Junkies, Miraglia holds a mirror up to modern day tendencies and, altruistically, offers a calming musical conduit to counter the

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Twin Shadow ’s LP Is a Hard-Hitting Coup

Twin Shadow

New York – Twin Shadow’s work sits on the periphery of R&B, and concurrently houses a decidedly indie-pop essence. Never before has this coupling of genres been so pronounced than on this act’s third studio album, Eclipse, out this week via Warner Bros. Records. Twin Shadow is a NYC-bred, LA-based solo musician born George Lewis

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Dan Mangan ’s Fourth LP A Knockout Achievement

Dan Mangan

New York – Vancouver-based Dan Mangan is about to release his fourth studio album, and the compilation is a breathtaking, full-bodied marvel. On his latest, Mangan maintains the hard-hitting alt-folk instrumentalism that peppered his previous work, and deepens with precision the philosophy-tinged lyricism his fans have come to expect. But this record is astoundingly experimentalist

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