DREAMERS Dishes on Living the Dream

DREAMERS - Best New Bands

Berlin – DREAMERS is a new band that is clearly on the rise, with a touring schedule that would make even the most seasoned groups blush. With the recent release of the trio’s first full-length album, This Album Does Not Exist (Fairfax Records), the writing is on the wall and the guys are inviting everyone to read the fine print:

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Suuns Returns with ‘Hold/Still’

Suuns - Best New Bands

Berlin – Canadian psych-rock band Suuns – pronounced “soons,” which translates to “zeroes” in Thai – just released its third studio album, Hold/Still.  This follows 2013′s Images du Futur and the band’s 2015 collaboration with Jerusalem in My Heart, led by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh. Hold/Still officially hit shelves on April 15th, through Secret City in Canada and Secretly Canadian in the U.S. Suuns‘ new material was recorded with

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Little Death Machine: The Q&A

Little Death Machine by Willie Nash - Best New Band

Berlin – Their groove is good, measure for measure, and now with their debut EP Dreaming in Monochrome out on Glasstone Records, the members of Little Death Machine are helping with the survival of electro-punk rock. Last month, in anticipation of Dreaming in Monochrome being released, London band Little Death Machine – a Best New Bands Featured Artist - shared the single “Healthy,”

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Interview: Young Paris

Young Paris - Best New Bands

Berlin – Raised in New York by world renown Congolese performers, Young Paris crafts a unique sound that threads the boundary between rap and electronic dance music and samples heavily from traditional African drumbeats. Along with 5 of his brothers and sisters, he performs an exuberant live show that merges dance, performance art, and an

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False Heads: ‘Steal & Cheat’

False Heads - Best New Bands

Berlin – False Heads have taken their cult following, frenetic live stage antics, and percolating buzz to a new level, with the release of their new single ‘Steal & Cheat’. Set to debut on the label 25 Hour Convenience Store this December 4th, this new single has already been compared to the revered Buzzcocks, which

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