Titus Andronicus announce the TMLT Around the World Tour

Titus Andronicus +@

New York – One month ago, the weary world rejoiced as the rock band Titus Andronicus, (hereafter +@), unleashed its single “Dimed Out” and gazed, amazed, as The Most Lamentable Tragedy,(hereafter TMLT, available July 28 from Merge Records), rocketed from its lowly status as a little-believed legend, to the most anticipated rock and roll record of 2015.

Having heard cries so ravenous from a human race so starved for real rock and roll, +@ has no choice but to unveil today, the TMLT Around the World tour, which will deliver to hard-working and hard-rocking people everywhere, the riveting show that has made +@, for years, a can’t-miss live act to legions of fans.

It is the pleasure of +@ to share with its much-loved constituency, the second single and first “official video” from TMLT, “Fatal Flaw.”

The video was shot and edited by Jeremy Aquilino, of up-and-coming Brooklyn psych-rockers Baked; a band whose 2014 dates supporting +@, provided the perfect opportunity to get “up close and personal” and offering fans a tantalizing taste of what they can expect when +@ makes its return to the stage this autumn.

TMLT Across America commences September 11, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA. +@ will be joined by long time compatriots (and newly bonded Merge Records label mates,) Spider Bags and the aforementioned Baked, for this adventure from sea to shining sea.

TMLT in the UK will bring +@ overseas for the first time since 2013, for a string of dates in November. TMLT in the EU will have +@ visiting France, Belgium, the Netherlands and, the only country to ever approve marriage equality by popular referendum, Ireland. following swiftly thereafter.

“+@ has been hiding away for too long,” says singer-songwriter Patrick Stickles, while breaking from an intense training workout. “It’s time to get back out there—to take what is ours, and remind everyone why we have been champions of the stage for ten years.”

See all of the TMLT Around the World tour dates, as well as the brand-new “Fatal Flaw” video, at the band’s newly revitalized official site.

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