From Indian Lakes Embraces the Light in the Dark

From Indian Lakes - Best New Bands

Los Angeles - From Indian Lakes is the multi-genre conception of California-based multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi. The moniker is derived from Indian Lakes, California, where Vannucchi started writing and recording songs at the age of twenty. Over the course of three full-length albums, Vannucchi has steadily evolved both sonically and emotionally. His proclivity for subdued guitars and

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Local Natives Speaks Truth with ‘Sunlit Youth’

Local Natives by Renata Raksha - BEST NEW BANDS

San Francisco – The number two: it’s powerful, yet submissive.  It’s strong, yet unpredictable.  It’s stalwart, yet malleable.  It seeks comfort, yet it aches for dissonance.  An album’s second track holds a powerful role, as it anchors the cohesiveness of an entire piece without demanding immediate satisfaction.  Los Angeles-based outfit Local Natives has no qualms

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