Generationals Captivate Los Angeles

Generationals by Sean Kayden - Best New Bands

Los Angeles – Generationals, a new wave duo from New Orleans returned to Los Angeles, after an absence of a few years, to showcase new jams and fan favorites. The Teragram Ballroom, located in downtown Los Angeles was buzzing on this crystal clear night as the true, zealot fans made it out to support the

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Lanterns On The Lake Truly Light Up London

Lanterns On The Lake by Ruth Geraghty - Best New Bands

London – It’s unusual to begin a review with the punch line but after tonight’s London show by Newcastle’s Lanterns On The Lake I seriously doubt if there is another band playing quite such stately, elegiac and emotive music anywhere else right now. The austere grandeur of Islington Assembly Hall seemed wholly appropriate and it

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Pavo Pavo Finds a Second Home

Pavo Pavo by Maja Smiejkowska for Best New Bands

London – On its fifth London gig in the space of a fortnight, Brooklyn band Pavo Pavo could be excused for starting to think of the city as its second home, or at least by now might have memorised the London Underground map, in its North and East quadrants. The short European hop started with

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Bad Suns Ignites a Fire in LA


Los Angeles – On a mellow night, in Downtown LA, at a little known venue known as The Teragram Ballroom, Bad Suns performed to an electric sold-out crowd. Off the heels of its fantastic sophomore LP, Disappear Here (which is a favorite of Vinyl Theatre’s Keegan Calmes), the hometown quartet performed 17 songs, to a packed 600

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Arc Iris Proves Extraordinary


London – On its latest album, Moon Saloon, the Providence, Rhode Island trio Arc Iris, comprised of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jocie Adams, Zachary Tenorio-Miller (keyboards) and Ray Belli (percussion), demonstrated a shift away from Americana territory towards a more experimental terrain. Similarly, in a live set mixing songs from the recent album with some new material, there was

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Rebecca Ferguson Lights Up London

Rebecca Ferguson by Ruth Geraghty for Best New Bands

London – Since its 1910 opening, the London Palladium has been synonymous with variety entertainment, including the hugely popular family TV show of the mid 50s to late 60s, Sunday Night at the London Palladium. Today it hosts stage musicals and pop and rock concerts, amid Rococo style surrounds that predate it somewhat. For many

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2 New Bands at Voodoo Music Festival Day 3

Voodoo Music Festival by Corey Bell for Best New Bands

New Orleans – On Sunday October 3oth, the 2016 edition of the Voodoo Music Festival drew to its close under sunny Southern skies and continued record-breaking high temperatures for the usually chilly autumn season (well, relatively chilly; still balmy for those of us who grew up in the northern part of the country). While the

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