DREAMERS Weaves an Energetic Debut

DREAMERS - Best New Bands

London – Since forming in 2014, Brooklyn NYC and more recently LA-based trio DREAMERS has harvested a healthy fan following and critical approval off the back of constant touring and a run of popular singles, all three of which feature on this titular-challenged debut album, This Album Does Not Exist. Before we all run into corners to form

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Arc Iris Returns with ‘Moon Saloon’


London – If 2014’s inventive eponymous debut recording by Arc Iris whetted the appetite for the strange and beautiful, then its follow-up, Moon Saloon, provides a veritable banquet. The Providence, Rhode Island trio of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jocie Adams, keyboard meister Zachary Tenorio-Miller, and percussionist Ray Belli has cast aside some of the debut’s trappings of Americana in

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The Julie Ruin: Message in the Medium

The Julie Ruin by Shervin Lainez - BEST NEW BANDS

London – Hit Reset is the follow up to The Julie Ruin‘s 2013 debut Run Fast and the documentary The Punk Singer, detailing frontwoman Kathleen Hanna’s career from the days of Bikini Kill through to Le Tigre and now The Julie Ruin. The original Riot Grrrl, former stripper, and would-be sexual-abuse-counsellor is back again with a band lineup that includes

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The Breath Triumphs with Dreamy ‘Carry Your Kin’

The Breath by Emily Dennison - BEST NEW BANDS

London – Carry Your Kin is the debut album from The Breath, a new band from Manchester, UK that proves the old adage that opposites can attract. Guitarist Stuart McCallum and singer Ríoghnach Connolly arrive from quite different musical landmarks, yet combine splendidly on this nine-track collection with the able support of McCallum’s band mates from his Cinematic

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Still Parade’s ‘Concrete Vision’ is Chillwave Heaven

Still Parade by Tonje Thilesen - Best New Bands

Los Angeles - Niklas Kramer is a Berlin-based artist, who performs under the moniker Still Parade. On June 10th, Still Parade is set to release his ten-song debut, Concrete Vision. He first hit the scene a few years back with the Fields EP and its mesmerizing single. “Actors.” The release was recorded in well-equipped professional studios, with seasoned producers. Then, in 2014,

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