Protomartyr – The Agent Intellect


Los Angeles – There is nothing glamorous about Protomartyr. The band dredges the depths of the psyche, unearthing melancholic themes of misery and malevolence in the process. On a purely superficial level, the Detroit, MI four-piece lacks that certain “panache” that so many buzzy blogosphere-driven indie-rock bands possess; they are fronted by a slightly balding

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Deafheaven – New Bermuda

Deafheaven by Kristen Coffer

Los Angeles – There’s really no point in rehashing Deafheaven’s controversial status among the pantheon of “black metal” bands; that conversation has been had a million times over, a ubiquitous addition to every review, interview, or feature on the San Francisco-based band. Listening to metal fans talk about Deafheaven is a perfect lesson in confirmation

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Autre Ne Veut – Age of Transparency


San Francisco – “The title comes from marketing jargon,” Autre Ne Veut helmsman Arthur Ashin explains in a statement. “It’s a term for the place we’re in now, where truth and transparency are just ways to sell things and honesty is its own kind of performance.”  The eagerly awaited follow-up to Autre Ne Veut’s breathtaking

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Album Review: firekid Mixes Old And New


Chicago – Dillon Hodges – aka firekid - is bringing a modern twist to bluegrass, country, and Americana, mixing in pop and indie rock with hints of hip-hop and electronica, and even chiptune with help from an old Nintendo Game Boy. His self-titled debut album firekid experiments with a genres that haven’t seen much change, while still keeping much of his

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