Album Preview: Craft Spells – Nausea


Brooklyn – Last Monday marked the announcement of Craft Spells’ sophomore LP, Nausea, due out June 10th via Captured Tracks. Along with news of the release came the first single from this Californian beach-wave wonder. Justin Vallesteros’ songwriting hovers somewhere between dream pop and indietronic, wistful enough to roam to yet bolstered by a concrete

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Album Preview: Wye Oak – Shriek


New York – With a new record on the horizon, Wye Oak is branching out from the heavy guitar work that characterized their sound over the course of three studio albums. The forthcoming LP is due out on April 29th and the duo has already made public two cuts from Shriek. The first single was “The

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Boots – Dust


New York – When Beyoncé’s self-titled, sneak-released, record exploded onto the collective conscious of fans worldwide last December, much was eclipsed in the wake of obsessing over Queen Bey’s latest. Beyoncé is a master of seduction, and the world was clearly too busy concentrating on her to get much done. Bey is a boss and

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5 New Bands We Want To See At SXSW – Part 1


New York – We’re getting ready for the huge music, food, panels, and party convergence that is SXSW, and it seems that every year trying to pick out the must-see gems gets exponentially harder with the mammoth proportions this festival has grown to. With the plethora of shows and other events all happening, it’s rather

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Sisyphus – Album Preview


New York – It takes a lot to surprise longtime fans of Sufjan Stevens. The man’s discography is a sonic yoga saga in itself, stretching from quiet folk, to ambient techno, to Christmas box sets. So, when Stevens teamed up with Chicago rapper Serengeti and New York’s Son Lux one year ago, fans weren’t exactly

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We Were Evergreen – Track Preview – Daughters


New York – For any tireless music hound seeking the next sonic fountain of youth, look no further than Parisian pop-rock trio We Were Evergreen. With their first full-length album, Towards, on the horizon, the group has just made public a music video for their synth gem “Daughters.” The single itself isn’t scheduled for release

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An Introduction to The Airplanes


London – Managing to claim one of the last remaining original, yet familiar sounding band names are The Airplanes, hailing from Fayetteville, Arkansas (I have literally no idea where that is). With an ever increasing popularity within the digital realm, the band are yet to release a full length debut, but already have their own

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