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Berlin - Cult Called Man has been racking up an impressive CV since crashing the music scene in 2013, and only a few years later, the new band has amassed a following, in and around Dublin, with a unique style that is just the right mix of brash, brains, Bowie, and bravado. With the release of Cult Called Man‘s debut album, Cult Fiction on Strange House Records, the five Irish lads from Meath are set to significantly elevate the status of their group, to take note of in the here and now.

It’s not like the guys didn’t warn us this was coming, but the rapid pace at which it has come has been a story that many didn’t expect or see coming. The band’s debut EP, Shoot Me (It’s Just TV), immediately put Cult Called Man in the spotlight, and the five-piece quickly booked a slew of festivals, which included Electric Picnic, Knockanstockan, Le Cheile, Under the Stars, and many more.

The quintet takes a singular approach to its craft, referring to it as an almost religious experience, acting as preachers inciting inspiration and divination on their audience. After releasing its second EP in 2014, the well-received Mr. Wednesdae, the band put in the work by touring in support of it. Cult Called Man’s sound may remind some of great rock groups of the 70s and early 80s, but there is no mistaking that the band has finessed its way towards a sound that is distinctly original. With each event, Cult Called Man has made an indelible impact, with the band’s live performances noted by some of the most respected talent in the music industry.

Now that Cult Called Man has become respected around and beyond the Dublin area, the ante is considerably raised with Cult Fiction… and the album stands to prove if this is a band that has legs and can withstand the pressures of producing and performing while remaining artistically relevant. What Cult Called Man has already shown with previous releases is the willingness to take chances, think outside the box, and encompass a sound that is far from middle of the road, typical fare that placates music today. 2016 stands to be the year that Cult Called Man truly gains traction that takes them to the next level in the indie rock scene.

This month, Cult Called Man embarks on a tour in support of its latest release, Cult Fiction, which is available for purchase on iTunes. Follow Cult Called Man on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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