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Punk rock has always been about two things: simplicity and keeping it real. When the first bands busted out of New York City in the late ‘70s and Southern California in the early ‘80s, they made sure regardless of their future stature, to never lose sight of what punk music is about. The latest of these bands, FIDLAR, has taken Los Angeles by storm. Staying true to the aforementioned punk ethos with a splash of a lo-fi garage band, the group has received accolades from both fans and in various publications, which cements its status.

Residing in the up-and-coming Highland Park neighborhood, FIDLAR is known for their wild live shows. Having played gigs ranging from traditional clubs to the back of flatbed trucks in addition to the eight they just completed at SXSW, the band has endeared itself to legions of fans. However it is their house party shows that has garnered them the most attention. Not surprisingly, the parties usually get out of hand, and fast. Cops are known to breakup the parties leaving fans clamoring for more heavy riffs and for to find out where the band will play next.

Formed in 2009, the band is finally on the verge of releasing is debut LP. At the time of the band’s inception, Zac Carper (who became the outfit’s main singer) was working/living in a recording studio and Elvis Kuehn was interning at the same studio and eventually they started jamming and writing songs together. Naturally, the group’s first time playing together was in the studio where Zac and Elvis worked. With no one using the facility at that time, the duo rocked for over three hours and got the itch to form a band. Then Elvis’ brother Max and Brandon Schwartzel joined the duo and thus became an official group

The next order of business was deciding on a name. Originally wanting to call themselves Fuck The Clock, they eventually decided on FIDLAR. Being that they’re all avid skateboarders, they saw the name tagged on walls and liked what the perceived definition stood for.

Having been compared to groups ranging from The Pixies to The White Stripes to Dead Kennedys, FIDLAR bring a DIY mentality and authenticity to everything they do. It could be because they collectively average an age under 25 or because they just don’t care, but either way people are catching on.


FIDLAR’s songwriting process is as simple as the song’s message. Usually Zac or Elvis will come up with a demo and then they’ll record together and what comes of it. Other times they’ll all jam and an idea for a song comes that way. Similiarly to The Black Lips, who are one of their biggest influences, the group’s lyrics are an accurate depiction of their lifestyle. Songs like "Wake, Bake, Skate" and "Cheap Beer" don’t have a secret meaning: they’re about skating and well, cheap beer. Just no frills punk rock.

Signed to Mom + Pop Records, the quartet is finally ready to unleash their debut to the masses this June. Having already released the single of No Waves/No Ass last week to accolades, the anticipation for the outfits LP is growing by the day. With old school values, an authenticity and an attitude that screams punk rock, FIDLAR is one of best new groups to emerge from the scene in some time.

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