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Right before SXSW gets into full swing, and the lines for the food trucks grow exponentially in Austin, Festival Nrmal takes place in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico on March 10th. It’s only a 6-7 hour drive from Austin…a road trip to Mexico could be fun, right? Festival Nrmal is the namesake of the Mexico-based independent music promoter and music/art blog, who is has produced the festival for the past two years as a way to showcase art and emerging bands from Latin America, United States, and all over the world. This year NYC promoter Todd P is involved with co-curating the “MtyMx stage” with Nrmal, which will not surprisingly features a slew of NYC-based buzz bands such as Prince Rama, The Babies, Widowspeak, Liturgy, and Dive.

The Nrmal stage will feature some bigger bands like Girls and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, along with the much talked about Grimes. This stage will also feature new and emerging Latin American bands to check out, like El Columpio Asesino, who are very reminiscent of The Pixies, and the electronic dance of Javiera Mena. Have a listen to both below:

For the full lineup, there’s this fun little video for all three stages, accompanied by samplings from the artists:


Festival Nrmal is all ages, and goes all day, from Noon to 2am. Tickets are MX 350 pesos advance ($28 USD) / MX 400 pesos at the door ($32 USD). That’s only a fraction of what SXSW will suck from you, and you can brush up more on your espanol. Keep up with the latest Nrmal haps on their Twitter, read more on Facebook, and listen to mixtapes on Nrmal’s blog – they’ll make for great road trip soundtracks.

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Kelly Knapp

I grew up listening to the music my parents listened to. My mom gave me some of her “Golden Oldies” cassette tapes, and I could sit in my room for hours harmonizing with The Ronettes, and staring at Del Shannon, who I thought was a total stud in his tiny black and white photo on the glossy fold-out insert. I listened to Willie Nelson because my Dad admired him so much, and I wanted to understand what was so great about him too. My first concert wasn’t a huge life changer; I saw Inner Circle at a local Jambalaya festival in Central Florida. Their biggest hit was “Bad Boys,” the theme song to COPS. If anything, that concert should have traumatized me. But, at the time I had no comprehension of any crassness. I just remember the guitarist making eye contact with me and smiling, and feeling excitement over having a brief connection with someone who was making me dance.

It’s the same thing with listening to music with words in another language. It’s not necessary to understand words or literal meanings. It’s the way the melodies and rhythms evoke feeling. It’s like that saying about art, how you may not be able to explain it, but you know it when you see it. I can’t always describe music (although obviously, I sure as hell try to), but I know what I like when I feel it, and I think those who can evoke that feeling deserve to be acknowledged for it. That’s what I want to describe. That’s what I want to share.

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