3 Best Performances At A Festival – Part Two – It’s A Tie!


Moving right along on our countdown of the best of the best performances this summer I have two tied for number two- and they couldn’t be any more different from each other!

Our Daniela Montelongo was busy covering the musical fustercluck that is Chicago’s infamous Lollapalooza and raved about Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.s’ set.  She had just been lucky enough to catch them a few days earlier on a smaller scale but their performance at Lollapalooza had the crowd up in arms and on their feet excitedly getting into the music- even in the midst of the sweltering Chicago humidity!

The unique thing about Dale Earnhardt’s music is their was of singing soothing tunes and managing to get the audience pumped in the midst of a semi-serenade.  I’ve had their sweet tune “simple girl” on heavy rotation for months now and I wish I was as lucky as Daniela to get to see it stage-side!  Yes, I’d even brave the sun stricken Grant Park if given the opportunity- and if I wasn’t across the pond!


Meanwhile, 4,000 miles away or so I had been lucky enough to head to LED Festival where I watched backstage as Skrillex manipulated music for thousands of people in one of the most impressive DJ sets I’ve ever been lucky enough to see.  For a born and bred California girl like myself the cold weather in Victoria Park that day sent shivers straight into my bones but you would have NEVER have known it based on the heat emanating from the tent housing Skrillex.  Heart rates were up so high and the crowd was so fully engulfed in the technicalities and analysis of each note that the entire tent had turned into a full fledged kick ass cardio session- and watching it from behind the scenes was absolute insanity.  I’ve only recently started to fully appreciate that Djing and Dubstep is indeed a very technical musical art form but it was absolute lust at first listen that day in Victoria Park.

The lineup included Nero and was later headlined by Deadmau5 but I suggest you keep your eye out for Skrillex and catch the musical fever whenever he’s in your city- it’s more than a little contagious!  In fact you U.K. kids can catch him when he tours there in November- so get your tickets early and stay tuned HERE for more details!

Congrats to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and Skrillex for making the cut as one of the best performances at a festival this summer!  I guess it really is a two-fer Tuesday!