New Bands To See At Coachella: Sleeper Agent


Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m a little bitter about not going to Coachella this year.  Having gone the past two years, I’m no stranger to that pre-Coachella feeling: in a few weekends I’ll be yearning for the desert sun, the overpriced food, the kick-ass people, and, most importantly, the kick-ass music.  So, while I’m busy resenting enthusiastic Facebook status updates and you’re busy galavanting about the Empire Polo Grounds, I ask of you only one favor: go see Sleeper Agent.

You might’ve heard of Sleeper Agent from their recent hits, “Get It Daddy” and “Get Burned.”  “Get It Daddy,” an upbeat, dance-around-in-your-room kind of track, was an iTunes free single of the week and was #14 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Singles of 2011.  Furthermore, they were featured on Rolling Stone last summer as a Band to Watch. The band hails from Bowling Green, Kentucky and made their way up through the rankings by playing loud, noticeable sets at SXSW.  They eventually caught the attention of Matt & Brad Shultz of Cage The Elephant and ended up touring the US with the band (not to mention making some hilarious videos). So, with that kind of publicity, it’s safe to say that these Kentucky-bred kids are on their way to rock stardom. And the next stop on that road? Playing Coachella, obviously.

Sleeper Agent released their first full length album, Celebrasion, in 2011.  It’s gritty, creative, and sonically spastic.  It’s fuzzy grunge rock to the tune of the angry teen, but it’s done in a fresh, young way that’s more awesomely-riot-inducing than whiny do-over.  Not to mention, their live shows are a trip–think constant, tireless energy.  Lead singer Alex “Kidd” Kandel is a monster on stage, and her vocals fit the music’s youthful grunge perfectly.  The album as a whole and the band’s presence are so much fun, and I can just imagine how incredible it al will be beneath the daze of the Coachella sun, dancing your ass off before some seriously talented kids.

And, if you’re one of the unlucky (read: broke and/or unorganized) ones like me, Sleeper Agent recently announced that they’re touring with Ben Kweller (aaand my life is now complete…well, almost).  The two bands will be in Los Angeles at the El Rey on April 25th (expect a review on by yours truly). Click here for more details about that show.

Click here for Sleeper Agent’s complete tour schedule.

Sleeper Agent will be playing Coachella on Sundays April 15th and 22nd. Tent and time, according to the website, are to be determined.