Getting To Know More About Mess Me

Mess Me

Berlin – Up-and-coming artist Mess Me is currently burning up dance floors throughout Europe with his track “Keep On Coming” (and its worthy B-side complement “Selector”), and as soon as one hears his dark EDM, it is clear that Mik Santoro, owner of Ampispazi Recordings, has met a kindred musical spirit that is a perfect

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Interview: Jukebox The Ghost

Jukebox The Ghost By Eric Ryan Anderson

San Francisco- Washington D.C. Based indie pop band Jukebox the Ghost consists of only three guys, Ben Thornewill (vocals/keyboard), Tommy Siegel (vocals/guitar), and Jesse Kristin (drums.) This power pop indie band has just released their fourth album, the self-titled Jukebox The Ghost. To promote their newest album they have been touring all over the country.

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A Closer Look At Night Riots With Travis Hawley


Los Angeles – Templeton, California band Night Riots is a five-piece outfit, which includes Travis Hawley (vocals), Nick Fotinakes (guitar), Matt DePauw (guitar), Mikel Van Kranenburg (bass), and Rico Rodriguez (drums). Their brand new second EP, Howl, from Sumerian Records is a supercharged record that combines the sounds of 80s and modern rock into one

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School’s Out For Dylan Gardner

Dylan Gardner By Jeri Heiden

Chicago – Lately more and more teenagers have been breaking into the music industry thanks to the power of social media and music sharing sites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Bandcamp. However, there’s definitely more to it than exposure. Social networking and the readily available technology have groomed a generation of kids to be industry

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Meet Nini Fabi Of HAERTS

Haerts By Albert Watson

San Francisco – Brooklyn quartet HAERTS burst onto the scene with the release of their 2013 EP Hemiplegia, beckoning listeners into a sugar-tinged realm of bustling pop and heartfelt melancholy.  With the release of their self-titled debut last fall, they have already solidified a concrete position as one of the most fascinating new pop bands

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A Bubbly Q&A With Soda Fabric


Chicago – Shortly after releasing their debut EP Tears On The Beach, Tel Aviv band Soda Fabric delved right into the Berlin music scene and into the sights of underground music lovers around the world. Since the four-piece made the move to Germany, twenty-three year-olds Shachak Itzkovitz, Jill Abramov, Moosh Lahav, and Tamir Chen have

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