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Berlin – DREAMERS is a new band that is clearly on the rise, with a touring schedule that would make even the most seasoned groups blush. With the recent release of the trio’s first full-length album, This Album Does Not Exist (Fairfax Records), the writing is on the wall and the guys are inviting everyone to read the fine print: life is grand!

In this exclusive Best New Bands interview, Nick Wold (vocals, guitar), Nelson (bass/vocals), and Jacob Wick (drums) give some insight into their latest release, that’s set to take them to the next level. DREAMERS also dishes living the dream, chasing after what you love, and life in L.A.

So, Brooklyn to Los Angeles? That’s an extraordinary leap for such a young band. What was the catalyst for this decision to switch coasts, and what differences can you share between New York attitude and an L.A. state of mind?

We feel that moving is living; a big change can be great for a creative endeavor.  We first came to L.A. when we signed a record deal and came to record at Fairfax Sound City studios for two months. We opted to make it a permanent move when we found it to be such a great environment for making music.  New York is still probably [our] favorite city in the world, but they are both such incredible places.  New York is tough and unforgiving food for the creative soul, and L.A. is a land of opportunity and productivity, plus beautiful weather and open space.

Numerous bands hate to be pigeonholed into any type of genre, yet Dreamers self-describes as grunge-pop. Elaborate on what that sound exactly is and who you take your inspiration from?

Genre can be silly and vague, but we certainly aren’t afraid of being pigeonholed. We get that people feel the need to describe music and we always think it’s funny to hear some new description of what we sound like.  We think grunge-pop is a decent starting point for us; we’re inspired by rock and roll and the darker-dirtier side of it, while at the same time we’re inspired by pop, melody, harmony and hooks.

Everyone loves an overnight success story, but rarely is there such a thing. How did Dreamers cut its teeth before gaining the recognition at present?

We’ve all been in multiple bands, of multiple genres and styles, and all toured pretty extensively throughout our teens and twenties before DREAMERS even started… That was something we all related on when forming this project. We all felt we had been around the block, made our mistakes, and knew how to do it better.

What expectations do you have for your debut album?

We have no expectations other than what we expect of ourselves, and what we’ve always expected of ourselves, which is to always work our asses off and truly do the best we can. The album is just the continuation of that process. I suppose we expect people who like our music to love it, ’cause we’re really happy with how it came out.

If there is one track from the album that best represents you, which one is it and why?

The album covers a lot of different bases for us, and no one song can really represent a whole band I think. “Sweet Disaster” is a great way to start; we feel it’s right in the middle of all the sounds we tend to love – grunge to pop – and it is always one of the funnest to play live. It’s also a special song lyrically, and it takes [us] back through all these years of learning and loving music and living to the fullest while striving to make a band.

How has your extensive touring schedule affected your musical output and inspiration?

We’ve always loved touring and are getting more and more into the groove of it as we go. It inspires us incredibly to travel and meet people who are inspired by our music. It feels good when there’s ground moving under our feet, and feels like progress when we see the shows grow. I think it just breathes more life into the creative process for us.

Was there ever a period when you didn’t think you would make it as musicians? How did you get over the hump, and what advice would you give to any artists that are still on the fence about continuing to dream?

There are always moments of doubt, but to dwell on that can be stifling and is really unnecessary… We knew that we were lifers, and that the worst form of failure would be to give up and work that 9 to 5.  All we really want is to be able to live a life of thinking, dreaming, creating, and doing what we feel we need to do. We always take solace knowing that we can achieve that in some form or another, whether that means success in the music industry or not. Because of that, we have no plan B and know that we have to make it work just like any other career or lifestyle.

What is your opinion on the current state of the music industry?

The music industry has changed in superficial ways because of the times, but deep down it’s exactly the same as it always has been. People love great music and are inspired by it. Catchy music gets stuck in people’s heads quickly and then falls out of favor quickly. In the end, great music prevails.

If there were one message you would like to get across with your music, what would that be?

Think, dream, be, and love your life if you can. We’re here for a short time and there’s so much good that can be created, for ourselves and for others. When you have an opportunity, don’t waste it.


We couldn’t agree more! Enjoy life to the fullest with This Album Does Not Exist, which is available for purchase on iTunes. DREAMERS is currently on tour in the U.S. Details can be found on the band’s Facebook page. Follow DREAMERS on Twitter and Instagram.

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