Funeral Party- Something To Celebrate


There’s never a dull moment in Los Angeles.  Most times the best concert venues are in the less than stellar L.A. areas- but sacrifices must be made in the pursuit of listen worthy music.  On my way to the Bootleg Theater last night the residentially-challenged were really ready willing and able to treat the concert goers to a little pre-show street performance.  Like two shows for the price of one!  After they had properly assessed the perimeter of my car (and the light turned green and was no longer holding me hostage) I continued on my merry little way to see what all the buzz around Funeral Party was all about.

Being earlier than most the uber trendy fashionably late folks showed up just in time for the Party- who were undoubtedly THE band to see last night!  It’s no wonder’s Cervante was so stoked on them being one of our concert pick’s for this week!  The pop rock group combines electro-awesomeness with high pitched guitaring that one might think only dogs could hear- and succesfully combines the two elements into an unexpected symphony of sound.

Chad Elliott FP’s frontman pounced onstage and successfully took the crowd from 0-60 in 3.5 flat.  The energy emanating from the singer was clearly contagious and had the entire Bootleg Theater rocking like it was going out of style.  He got so into his tunes at some points that he knocked the mic stand clear off the stage- not once, but twice.  (That mic didn’t “stand” a chance…)  But hey, life’s tough- grab a helmet and keep the momentum going.

I’m not going to lie- I was downright ashamed of my own cardio routine after watching this dude hop to and fro from one bandmate to another- feeding off their energy and giving them a part of his in return.

At one point the singer took the whole rocking out to extreme levels of awesomeness when the shoeless sock-clad kid literally rocked his own socks right off stage.  I can honestly say I did not expect to bear witness to that.  Their track “just because” really got the movers and shakers swaying left to right and it’s no wonder these boys will be touring with 30 Seconds To Mars in the next two months.  Jared Leto’s charisma will be a perfect musical match for Funeral Party!

Aside from their upcoming North American tour, they’ll be hopping across the pond to hit the U.K. this Fall- so overseas residents I recommend grabbing your tickets far in advance to see the musically out of control spectacle.

Though the Bootleg Theater allows no video of their performers- it’s all for the better, as this is a band to see live rather than via cyberspace.  You can’t find yourself afflicted with the urgent want to rock through a screen- that’s reserved exclusively for stageside voyeurs!