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It was a busy 2011 for Canadian rock band Yukon Blonde. Playing over 130 shows along with the release of their EP, Fire/Water on Dine Alone Records the band has certainly been on their game.  The EP was written partially while on the tour,and partially while off the road at a cottage in the Comox Valley (British Columbia) the band recorded a total of 15 songs over the course of the summer, and the remaining 11 tracks will be featured on their sophomore LP in early 2012. As their tour winds down, caught up with lead singer and guitarist Jeff Innes to hear his thoughts on 2011, learning about a typical travel day and where his favorite meal from this was tour was from.


Daniel Kohn: As a whole, how would say 2011 went?

Jeff Innes: Overall, it's been rough. We recorded a new full length record, a new EP, played some of our favourite venues in Canada with our very favorite bands, played 130ish shows, signed to an amazing record label and finally got a full-time bassist that fits the band. Ahh maybe it was the best year ever.


DK: How has the tour been?

JI: This tour has been amazing. We've been on tour with this band called The Fling and they are such wonderful people. The crowds seem to be really enthusiastic even if at times there are so few.


DK: With the success of Fire/Water, how do you intend on building off this and what's in store for your EP?

JI: We're going to release a record in the spring and keep touring as much as we can. We have a single of our future sophomore coming out on Jan 31st, and then we head straight to Europe. At the very least we'll have fun.


DK: What's been the most exciting part about touring?

JI: Is it traveling? Is it experiencing new cites? Meeting new fans? Doing something a bit off that you wouldn't have done before?


DK: Who drives the van and why?

JI: Everybody drives except for me so the question might be reversed and you'll get a more interesting answer. Who doesn't drive you ask? Me.


DK: What's a typical travel day like?

JI: We wake up at eleven most days, get some coffee and then drive all day. Lately, I play Nintendo DS a lot, and I just got a new guitar so I play that all day too. We're fans of HBO shows, so that kills sometime too. Sometimes we even talk! Mostly about girls, Nintendo, HBO shows and music. We randomly stop a few times and Brandon usually complains about something. I don't really pay attention. Then we load our stuff in the venue.

To Brandon (or someone who actually drives), their day might be a little different. I imagine it's more like, "I wake up at 8:00am and go for a run. I'm back at the hotel at 8:30, and I try and wake Jeff up. I think he's dead. We get really worried and consider calling a doctor. He finally wakes up at 11. He insists we need coffee, so we get that even though we're going to be late for our show. I get into the van and start my shift. Traffic is bad. We finally make it out of the city and I see a deer that looks like it want to cross and I'm sort of panicking and what's worse is Jeff won't shut up about this dumb game he's playing. No one can hear him but me because everyone has their headphones on. What the hell is he talking about!? Oh God, I hit the deer.


DK: What's the best meal you've had on the road?

JI: Cool Greens in Oklahoma City, Amigo's Cantina in Saskatoon and Juanita's Cantina in Little Rock, Arkansas.


DK: What's on tap for 2012?

JI: We're releasing a new record in the spring and hopefully touring the world. So far we have shows booked in Australia, Europe, USA and Canada. I think it's going to be an exciting year!!!

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