Fitz and the Tantrums Play Two Sold Out Shows at The Regency

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Los Angeles-based Fitz and the Tantrums are a band that has quickly jumped onto the music radar following their 2008 debut. Hearing their sound may have you wondering if you had recently taken a trip Back to the Future with Doc Brown, to a time where Motown was alive and strong. Everything that this sharp-dressed six piece does comes off as being completely natural and fresh. On Friday night, they played their second of two shows at San Francisco’s The Regency Ballroom to a sold out crowd. These shows marked the end of their current tour before they play next weekend’s Super Bowl in Indy and sets at Coachella.

The venue was buzzing with funky souls ready to get their groove on. The show started off in grand fashion as a huge, red backdrop rose up to the ceiling. Nearly everyone in attendance screamed with excitement as the band came on stage. They came in with slow whirling keys and then launched into “Don’t Got to Work it Out” and “Breakin’ The Chains of Love,” which served as a great example of the‘60s Motown sound. Much more than just a back-up singer, Noelle Scaggs delivered soulful vocals along with tambourine shaking throughout the track.

With so much soul flowing through the speakers, it was hard to imagine anything lackluster about the band’s performance. Although there was a momentary break, the band brought back the heat as they entered into their track “Dear Mr. President.”  Singer Michael Fitzpatrick jumped around the stage, and the keys brought the song alive as the crowd was encouraged to chant along with the heys and whoos of each tunes.  The audience ate this up as Fitzpatrick and Scaggs playfully interacted with each other onstage.


Following a brief intermission, the band returned to their slow groove “We Don’t Need No Love Song” off of their EP Songs for a Break Up: Volume 1. This was a smooth way to enter the encore. Part two of the encore brought the crowd alive as they covered Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams”. The fans danced out of control as many sang along to this recognizable track. Towards the end of the show, Fitzpatrick commanded the crowd to get low. All but three people in attendance had their asses nearly touching the ground – the few that didn’t were called out by the frontman as they segued into their hit “Moneygrabber.” Soon after they left the stage, the band met with fans at the merch table. If you are lucky enough to have a Super Bowl ticket, make sure to catch them.  If you will be at Coachella, you have to check out Fitz and The Tantrums.
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