A Happy Birthday Spent at the Roxy with Jennifer Quiroz


A glorious day was celebrated last night at the Roxy. Jennifer Quiroz took the stage in sparkled garb for her birthday, playing seven original songs and a cover of Will Give’s “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” to an excited crowd of friends, family and new fans. With her band rocking out behind her, Jennifer glowed with the utmost enjoyment and appreciation to see all of those faces smiling back at her.

The bill was made up of different bands playing different genres, which made Jennifer stand out even more being the only solo female to perform. Not to mention all the shouts and screams belted her way. All eyes were on her in the best way and she worked it well.

If you love And So I Sing’s album sound, you’ll be even more amazed by hearing it performed live. Jennifer’s infectious little voice seeps into you like water in a sponge. In between songs she actually took the time to give love to all of those who came to see her. Her gratitude made the show more enjoyable because it showed that she actually cared that we all came out, especially for her birthday.

Jennifer’s debut EP And So I Sing can be purchased at her website, iTunes and Amazon. Bring it with you to her show– she loves talking to fans once her set is done and she’ll even give you an autograph!