Best New Bands At Lollapalooza 2015: Day 3

Lollapalooza by Sarah Hess

Chicago – Seeing as a Chicago music festival just wouldn’t be complete without rain, the weather gods nailed it to Lollapalooza on Sunday. Early in the afternoon, the park was evacuated due to a severe approaching storm. Luckily, the rain didn’t last long and within an hour the festival reopened. Kids rushed to the Samsung Stage to get up front for Twenty One Pilots, while others headed to the beer tents, no doubt to relax in the shade with a nice cold one. I managed to take in a few more bands before my feet screamed no. Without further ado, here are the best new bands of day three of Lolla:

Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks live by Sarah Hess

Chicago’s very own Twin Peaks put on a superb set over at the Sprint Stage. These five young men have been on quite the mission to bring back rock ‘n roll, and it’s working. Even though they had an early set and it was disgustingly hot, the guys brought in a heavy crowd, who rocked their hearts out to “Good Lovin’,” “Strawberry Smoothie,” and “Fade Away.” Bassist Jack Dolan looked out into the crowd and smiled, He seemed blown away by what was before him, feeling a bit of shock and awe perhaps. He pointed west and said, “I went to school right over there, at Jones College Prep. I used to smoke five dollar weed!” The crowd cheered, then laughed. Highlights: The guys played some new material, a sure sign that another album is on its way. They brought out The Lemons’ Juicy James, who was dressed in a Bulls tank and carrying a handmade cardboard Larry O’Brien. The fellas’ mothers watched from the crowd, to the left of the stage, and they rocked out like nobody’s business.

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots live by Sarah Hess

If you had heard the angry boos coming from the Samsung Stage when Twenty One Pilots fans – who had been waiting in the sun all morning – were asked to evacuate Grant Park when the storm approached! Man oh man! Well, at least the duo was still able to perform, even if it was at a later time, and fans found their way back to the field, making for a massive sea of people. Josh Jospeh and Tyler Dun played plenty of hits, as well as a cover of Bob Marley’s ”No Woman, No Cry” Back in the media tent, The Wombats were watching fans go crazy. The English lads just about had their jaws to the floor! Witnessing your first Twenty One Pilots show is definitely intense… and by the end, you’re hooked, wanting to do it all over again. Pretty sure these guys will be back soon, but this time as


Bully live by Sarah Hess

Oh Bully, how I love thee, let me count the ways! I’ve been a fan of this Nashville band for awhile. Their Lolla debut proved I am not alone. The four-piece packed the shaded lawn of the BMI Stage with festivalgoers, including an insane amount of fellow musicians and industry folks. Word is out that Bully is in. Singer Alicia Bognanno let loose, the wind blowing her hair out of her face, as a cool lake breeze attempted to calm the crowd. There was no calming the excitement brought forth by “I Remember” and “Milkman” kicking you in the gut with Bognanno’s throaty lyrics. Bully proved they’ll soon be back at Lolla, performing on a much bigger stage, with even more of a crowd.

FKA twigs

FKA twigs live by Sarah Hess

My, how has this English gem‘s stage act grown since she performed at Pitchfork Music Festival last year! FKA twigs may not have been headlining one of the larger stages, but she still managed to pack fans in at the Pepsi Stage Sunday night, even amid a looming storm. The experimental R&B singer showed off her dance skills, amid smoke and strobe lights, a preview of the actual lightening to dance overhead. Bathed in red lights, she strutted around to “Two Weeks.” She looked like a contortion artist performing “Water Me.” Although she wasn’t escorted on stage by a massive army of dancers, as she has done in recent shows, she was joined by on stage with a voguing partner. She also talked of her new EP, giving the crowd a taste of what’s to come.

Sadly Lollapalooza 2015 is over, but we have next year to look forward to. Stay tuned for a Lolla photo recap and see you at Lollapalooza 2016!
Sarah Hess

Sarah Hess

At the age of six, Sarah Hess discovered True Blue by Madonna. This resulted in her spending hours in front of the bathroom mirror with a hairbrush microphone, belting out "La Isla Bonita" off key. Her love for music only intensified over the years thanks to her parents; her mother exposed Sarah to The Jackson Five and had her hustling to the Bee Gees, while her father would play her albums like 'Pet Sounds' and 'Some Girls' from start to finish, during which he'd lecture on and on about the history of rock & roll. Sarah would eventually stumble upon rap and hip-hop, then punk and alternative, and fall madly in love with Jeff Buckley and film photography.

After attending The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Sarah went on to study education at Dominican University, earning a degree in history. When not teaching, writing, or taking in a show, she is most likely to be found with a camera to her eye or hanging out in a darkroom.

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