Jukebox The Ghost Live In San Francisco

Jukebox The Ghost live

San Francisco- Jukebox The Ghost returned to the City by the Bay for yet another concert at the intimate and close setting of Slim’s in SoMa. Before this, they had recorded their latest album’s single “The Great Unknown” in San Francisco and it’s famous coastal highway. This tour was to promote the DC-based pop band’s self-titled fourth album. Since they changed labels, the album is being re-released by Cherrytree in the near future.

George Washington University alums Ben Thornewill (vocals/piano), Tommy Siegel (vocals/guitar) and Jesse Kristin (drums) met while still in school. They have done about 900 shows prior to this one, so it’s safe to say they’re veterans on the stage. Sitting lovingly upon the speakers was their stuffed boxer puppy ‘Corned Beef and Hash,’ wishing them luck as they created magic on stage.

The venue was filled to the brim with excited fans literally jumping in anticipation for Jukebox The Ghost. Behind the screen, which had been playing an interesting movie medley, these three guys set up their playground. As the screen rose and the band was revealed, the audience could feel the electricity in the air. They started off the concert strong, with one of their new songs, “Postcard.”  You could see the passion and energy in their performance; they absolutely loved what they were doing. They would take any and every opportunity to interact with fans while on stage. From smiling quickly for pictures, speaking to the fans pressed up against the stage between songs, and even sending their beloved ‘Corned Beef and Hash’ into the crowd for a little surfing. Their show was an absolute blast and one of the first concerts I got to see after moving to San Francisco.

Jukebox The Ghost played a variety of their songs, ranging from their early albums to their latest one. The songs from their newest album seemed to get the most reaction out of the crowd. They also played some awesome covers including Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” and the Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian.” What made the latter more memorable was the opening band, Secret Someones, joining them on stage in this wonderful collaborative song. They had stated on stage that the two bands had recorded this song the week before. The friendship between these two bands grew rapidly on this tour and it showed how close they were in their performance. They were all smiles and laughter as they wailed out this 1980′s hit. It was the perfect ending to their rad concert.

Overall, Jukebox the Ghost put on a phenomenal concert. They energy and passion they put into their music made all of the difference. You could see how much all of this meant to them and they wanted to return the thanks to their fans by putting on one hell of a show. Their North American tour continues through early March; make sure to go and see them!

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