Knox Delivers Another Killer Night At Hotel Cafe


When favorite Will Knox is in town, you can be sure that we’ll be there. Knox kicked off his five-week tour with fellow troubadour Ari Herstand at the  Hotel Café in Hollywood.

Throughout his 45-minute set, Knox sprinkled in songs both old (“Buckled Knees, “Immigrant Hands), new (“Icecapades,” “Bullets”) and newest (“Let’s Rob A Bank). As he usually does, Knox managed to engage the crowd of over 100 people—which is a lot of the venue, especially on a Monday– not only with his trademark storytelling lyrics, but his witty humor in between tracks as well, often leaving the crowd giggling at his jokes.

Special guests were aplenty. Knox featured banjo player Adam Kessler for much of the night, while he brought up his co-headliner Herstand, singer-songwriter John Solo and opener Sam Shelton played the last song, a stirring, emotional rendition of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

Over the years, Knox has made the Hotel Café his home away from Brooklyn. Each time though, the affable Brit has grown in confidence on the venerable stage and it has shown in his performance.

Normally, the first night a long tour has hitches across the board. Whether it be sound problems, vocal issues, inconsistent set lists or anything else, the first night isn’t generally a good time for a musician, especially since they tend to hit their stride towards the middle-to-end. However, I’m pleased to say that Will Knox was in mid-tour form last night, or as he put it himself, “I’m having the so much fun tonight, I hope every night will be as much fun as this.” We couldn’t agree more.