Live Review: Yawn impresses at The Empty Bottle in Chicago

I’m a huge believer that the crowd is a main factor in live shows, however on certain special nights in certain venues bands can help bring you into their bubble where the sound is the only thing encompassing you. That is exactly what happened this past Thursday during Yawn‘s set at The Empty Bottle in Chicago.


It had been several years since I had seen the band live and was amazed to witness their growth. Having previously reviewed their new album, Open Season, I knew where their music had gone but had not expected to see such a tight set. Not only were they comfortable enough in their home town to perform a song written only the day before, that fit the set perfectly, but a couple moments throughout the set I caught myself in awe of how clean and tight their sound was.


Being a band with many layers to each song I had feared in a live environment they might become muddy or sloppy, that was not the case at all. Yawn is about to embark on a tour with The Kooks if you happen to be going already make sure you get there early enough to catch their opening set and if you happen to not have a ticket already I think it’s a good investment to catch these boys in action.


Prior to seeing the next band Gauntlet Hair I had read some reviews and the overall opinion seemed to be they were either a love it or hate it band. Luckily I’m in the later group. With all members sick, a drunk (perfect amount he proclaimed) drummer,and two broken strings still put this band on my must see next time they are around. I have to agree on the perfect amount of drunk because he was on point being the added and needed heaviness to this band. I have since listened to a couple tracks on their newest released album and I am much happier to have seen them live first. There are elements in their live show that are not translated to the album that definitely enhance the first time listening experience of this band.  They are currently on tour with Unknown Mortal Orchestra with several dates coming up as they trek out west.