The Get Togethers Stand Out In Nashville

Standing out amongst an eight-band lineup is no small feat, but The Get Togethers did just that when we saw them play a quick, three-song set at a showcase series hosted by Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) and Nashville’s Mercy Lounge music venue.

The Get Togethers were unique in their accessibility. Their songs were both emotive and catchy, even upon hearing them for the first time. The band was passionate about playing those three songs as well as they could.

Bethany Frazier is the backbone of this pop production. Dressed like a character out of the musical Annie, she was the odd woman out in the rest of her all-male band. Her short, curly hair was backlit with lights, making her look as though she was wearing an electric halo. More punk than angel, she wasn’t the token female put in the band to look pretty and sing backup vocals. She was high-energy, jumping around the stage, at times holding the attention of the room from atop a stool, and always singing with every bit of her heart the rippling highs and plunging lows of each song.

Come to find out, The Get Togethers haven’t even put out a proper album yet, just a few singles off a debut release expected September 24. (The album was briefly released and retracted.) The band says on their Facebook page that it will be a concept album telling the story of how the band got together (see their clever play on words?) following the tumultuous events of our heroine’s past several years.

Keep an eye out for the album. In the mean time, check out the album’s first single, “June.”

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Caroline McDonald

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