2 New Bands at Voodoo Music Festival Day 3

Voodoo Music Festival by Corey Bell for Best New Bands

New Orleans – On Sunday October 3oth, the 2016 edition of the Voodoo Music Festival drew to its close under sunny Southern skies and continued record-breaking high temperatures for the usually chilly autumn season (well, relatively chilly; still balmy for those of us who grew up in the northern part of the country). While the

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6 New Bands to See at Voodoo 2016

Voodoo Music Festival - Best New Bands

New Orleans –  All Hallow’s Eve is upon us y’all, and for those living in the greater New Orleans area, that can only mean one thing: FRENCHMEN GONNA BE POPPIN’ Y’ALL!  WOOOOOOOOOO! Er…well, maybe two things. For all those native to the GNO—and those lucky enough to visit the Crescent City on this particularly spooky

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4 New Bands We Loved at Pitchfork Day 2

Pitchfork 2016 - Sarah Hess - BEST NEW BANDS

Chicago – The second day of Pitchfork Music Festival kicked off with plenty of sun and sweat, with the humidity causing temps to rise and deodorant to fail. Though, given that Pitchfork weekend tends to bring with it a heatwave, having temps linger in the 70s and 80s was an absolute delight! The crowds didn’t

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