Daughn Gibson Live at Brooklyn’s Glasslands


The punk drummer, truck driver, deep-voiced experimental country crooner Daughn Gibson rolled through Brooklyn recently, playing an enigmatic set with a backing band at Glasslands. I saw him once before at Knitting Factory during CMJ last year, when he was just with his drum machines, samplers, and librarian-esque keyboard player. This time around he was

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Jackson Scott Gets Weird at Glasslands


The Carolinas breed some out there shit, man. Asheville, NC native Jackson Scott is one of them. His bio is full of high-brow jargon, which I’m sure he didn’t write himself, but after absorbing a few songs the connection begins to emerge. With his first musical memory being that of hearing Nirvana at four years

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Artist of the Week: Hospitality


Hospitality is another little gem in the saturated but diverse Brooklyn music scene. They formed in New York after singer Amber Papini’s sister Gia urged her to form a band with drummer and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Michel. Michel was an electronic musician and producer, and he and Papini had been friends since meeting in grad school

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