Jagwar Ma Previews New LP at The Independent

Jagwar Ma by Corey Bell for BEST NEW BANDS

San Francisco – “Don’t worry, prosperity will knock on your door soon,” bassist Jack Freeman of Jagwar Ma happily read from a fortune cookie fortune during a lull early on in the band’s Wednesday night set, briskly followed by an impromptu reggae version of a few bars from Joy Division’s “Transmission,” cheerily delivered by frontman Gabriel Winterfield. Both of

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6 New Bands At Lollapalooza – Day 1

CHURCHES at Lollapalooza by Sarah Hess

Chicago – The day started off beautifully: the sun was shining, the crowds were pumped, and music was flowing in every direction. Alas, it was all too good to be true. Chicago weather had a different plan. Halfway through the day, the rain came poring down, but that’s not to say the rainy afternoon blues

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Featured Artist: Jagwar Ma


In the late ’80s, “Madchester” took its hold on the city of Manchester, England, capturing the ecstasy-laden hearts of Brits everywhere with its groove-focused, psychedelic strain of dance rock. The scene produced such acts as The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and now–two decades later–an upstart Aussie outfit called Jagwar Ma.    Formed in late 2011,

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