NO Plays FREE Show at LA’s The Satellite


When I interviewed Bradley Carter and Sean Stentz of NO back in December, the band was still getting its bearings. The quintet had just released its debut EP, Don’t Worry, You’ll be Here Forever, and had admitted that not many people were familiar with the band—including friends and acquaintances—until right before the album release. The

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Artist of the Week: J*Davey


For several years, J*Davey has been on the precipice of ‘making it.’ There’s been significant buzz built around the Los Angeles-based duo for some time, however, like with many things in this world, things don’t often go according to planned. After spending several years stuck in neutral on Warner Bros. Records, J*Davey recently released their

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10 Questions With Indians


I had a chance to talk to up and coming Los Angeles band Indians. Their debut album is available now on iTunes and they have just started their November residency at the Silverlake Lounge. Indians are a band on the rise and we’re proud to delve a bit into their psyche on  They are

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Wires in the Walls

Wires in the Walls is an Americana/folk/rock hybrid group, born and bred by a Los Angeles quintet!  The tunes and tracks are just right for self-reflective road trips and calm fall days that flood into fall nights.  Lucky for us (and because we can’t get enough rock recently) Wires in the Walls is fueling our

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