Jacco Gardner Hypnotizes the Echo

Jacco Gardner by Matt Matasci

Los Angeles – Though outside The Echo the temperatures had fallen a few degrees from their scorching mid-day high by Jacco Gardner’s late 11:30 start time, the venue’s ancient cooling system still failed to provide relief inside the packed club. Thank goodness Gardner specializes in a brand of baroque pop that is not really meant

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Porcelain Raft Manages to Surprise Brooklynites

Porcelain Raft live by Ruby Hoffman

New York – Porcelain Raft, the music project of Italian-born but world-traveled Mauro Remiddi, played a gig at Baby’s All Right celebrating the release of his latest EP, Half Awake. The EP was written and recorded in Greenpoint and is out on his own boutique label Volcanic Field.  Remiddi’s  already  released two albums (Strange Weekend and

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Grouper Dreams Big at Disjecta


“Do we have any knitters in the house?” asked Disjecta Art Center Executive Director Bryan Suereth this past Friday night. It wasn’t until two hands quickly shot up in the audience that I realized this question wasn’t a joke. The second annual Quiet Music Festival would be exactly what it advertised to be: quiet. Until

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