Weekend Playlist – Best Videos of 2010


Today we’ll be trying something different for the Weekend Playlist: instead of audio, we’ll be featuring the nominees for Best Videos of 2010. Enjoy! “Bergerac” – Back Pocket Memory: Leona Laurie interviewed the Burbank, CA band in early November. Here’s an excerpt of their conversation: LL: If you had to choose five words to describe

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Captain Ahab, Meet Freelance Whales

freelance whales

Instrumental segments are bittersweet. A lot of new bands don’t have the skill-set or the patience to rely on their instruments. They are over-zealous is making a name for themselves to the point where they think a catchy lyric is all the need to rest on their laurels. Although an infectious chorus is. . .well

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Atomic Tom: Reads Like a Story


Atomic Tom, composed of lead vocalist Luke White, Philip Galitzine on bass, drummer Tobias Smith, and guitarist Eric Espiritu, performed  at Mercury Lounge last night in NYC to a frenzied crowd. Opening for Atomic Tom were The Dance Party and Lion of Ido, both bands which were a little recklessly dramatic, coating on layers and

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Weekend Playlist – Best Songs of 2010


photo credit: Sherene Hilal Before we count down to 2011, we’re picking out some of the best songs of 2010. Which was your favorite? Vote now for your favorite song of 2010! “Rope” – ArpLine In an interview with Sherene Hilal, vocalist Sam Tyndall said, “‘Rope’ is one kind of sound that we like. We

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Weekend Playlist – Best Artists of 2010


photo credit: Lauren Novik 2010’s slowly coming to an end, and at BNB we’re counting it down with a Best of 2010 Awards list. For this week’s playlist, here are songs from some of the nominees for Best Artist. “Janglin” – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros ES&MZ is no stranger to this site: the

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