PVRIS ’ ‘White Noise’ LP A Dynamic Debut


Seattle – Boston trio PVRIS will be releasing their debut album, White Noise, this Tuesday, November 4, the follow-up to their acoustic EP that was released in April. Since then, this band has been unstoppable. In June, they signed to Rise Records, a label mostly known for its metalcore bands. They became the first female fronted band on Rise, a good move for both the band and the label. They made a huge splash this summer at the Vans Warped Tour, where their name became known and their fan base grew. As anticipation has grown for White Noise to be released, they have released a few stripped down, acoustic versions of some of their singles as well as toured with Mayday Parade. This band has been working incredibly hard to make a name for themselves and making great music.

PVRIS creates a new representation of what a 3-piece rock band can be. Members Lynn Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, and Brian MacDonald produce music that is a blend of rock and pop including the use of synths and impressive vocals. Gunnulfsen has a growling aspect to her voice that adds an extra edge that PVRIS needs to be recognized as a new, breakout band. The lyrical content on White Noise shows Gunnulfsen as a strong, young individual that’s not taking shit from anybody. That alone will create a strong connection to their fans and new listeners. But the lyrics are also relatable in a fresh, new way. Yes, some of the songs may be about a break-up, but it’s not the typical girly love ballad. Gunnulfsen takes a strong stand on her beliefs and experiences thus making her a powerful individual in the scene and potentially influencing youth culture to take a stand.

White Noise proves to be a dynamic album with songs ranging between electro-pop and alternative rock. The use of the synthesizer on this album brings a fresh perspective to what a rock band can be. While the guitar riffs and drumming aren’t the most complicated, the use of the synth and unique melodies more than makes up for it. “St. Patrick,” the first single, is the album’s strongest track. It embodies what PVRIS is as a band, and differentiates them from all the other bands flooding the scene. It’s the perfect blend of vocal playbacks, a catchy hook, relatable lyrics, and of course, Gunnulfsen’s unique voice.

The pop melody on “My House” shifts to an edgier take by the time the hook comes around in which Gunnulfsen boasts “It’s my soul/ It’s not yours anymore.” And in the bridge they deliver a breakdown, giving a more hardcore aspect, again adding to their diversity. But then in “Holy” they start off with an easy synth melody and 80s drum kit. We get to hear the softer side of Gunnulfsen’s voice, which is quite rewarding. The album ends with the solid track “Let Them In” where she not only pushes her vocal range, but more passion comes out in the hook that allows this to be one of the many anthems on this album.

While PVRIS may be categorized with Warped Tour darlings such as Emarosa or Tonight Alive, they are accessible to many different types of listeners. White Noise is both comprehensive and diverse, marking the beginning of what should be a solid and compelling career.

PVRIS is currently on a North American tour with Mayday Parade through mid-November. You can stream White Noise now on their YouTube channel before the album is released on Tuesday.
Jess Keller

Jess Keller

Jess has been up and down the California coast but now has landed in Seattle, Washington. With a degree in Film and Media from UC Santa Barbara, she takes part in music journalism, photography and film projects. Her iPod shuffles through hardcore, Midwest indie rap, dreamy electro-pop and everything in between. You are most likely to find her jamming out to vinyl with a good cup of coffee and computer or cat in lap…sometimes both.
Jess Keller