’s Concert Picks for the Week of 8/16


Picked By: Michael Rincon
Where: Neumos in Seattle, WA
When: Monday, August 16 at 8 PM
Cost: $15 Adv.
Age Restrictions: 21+



Picked By: Todd Prodanovich
Who: Wavves with Birdfeeder and Char-man
Where: Soho in Santa Barbara, CA
When: Monday, August 16 at 8:30 PM
Cost: $12
Age Restrictions: All Ages

Nathan Williams has been making waves in the indie circuit with his lo-fi, punky band Wavves since the release of their debut self-titled album in 2008. With a new set of band mates and the brand spankin’ new album King of the Beach, their live show has never drawn more anticipation. The ticket price is right, and I can think of no better way to spend a Monday night than rocking out to the sound of Wavves


Where: The Mercury Lounge in Goleta, CA
When: Monday, August 16 at 8:00 PM
Cost: SOLD OUT (Check Craigslist)
Age Restrictions: 21+

Francis is a man who needs no introduction. The indie rock god could sit around and do nothing for the rest of his life and we would still have the ultimate respect for him because of a little band called the Pixies. They changed the way I would look at music forever, and Francis hasn’t run out of creative juices since the band’s demise. Luckily he isn’t just sitting around, but instead he is taking his solo act on the road with a stop in Goleta this Monday. If you are in the area and can score a ticket, then GO! If you can’t, then be glad that there is a Wavves concert nearby.



Picked By: Cervante Pope
Where: The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles, CA
When: Tuesday, August 17 at 8:30 PM
Cost: $12 Adv, $14 Day of Show
Age Restrictions: 21+



Picked By: Kelly Montgomery
Where: Oregon Zoo in Portland, OR
When: Friday, August 20 at 7 PM
Cost: $24
Age Restrictions: All Ages

Master guitarist-crooner Glen Hansard teams with Czech multi-instrumentalist Marketa Irglova for The Swell Season, a mellow indie-pop collaboration that sprung from the duo’s successful 2006 film, Once. Hansard is a folk-rock superstar on stage, and Irglova is his sensitive muse. Take a blanket and enjoy this lovely duo in the beautiful Portland summer weather at the Oregon Zoo.



Picked By: Laurel Johnston

Caleb Ian Campbell with Peopleodian and Savage and the Big Beat live at Dan’s Silverleaf Denton, TX 8.20.10
If you haven’t heard of Denton, Texas, then you need to get acquainted with the next big music scene in the Lone Star State. Known for its unique ability to springboard small bands into a much larger spotlight, Denton has fostered such diverse artists as Norah Jones and Midlake. This Friday, August 20th, solo artist Caleb Ian Campbell plays the headlining spot along with other local folk/electronic trio Peopleodian and indie-pop duo Savage and the Big Beat. 

Recently nominated for a Dallas Observer Music Award for Best Venue, Dan’s Silverleaf has housed a number of different upstart bands in all of the mainstream and obscure genres you can think of, and this past March they were a participating venue in the North by 35 Music Conferette (Denton’s version of SXSW). All three of the artists playing this weekend also played the 2nd annual mini-festival in Denton; in addition to many local, national, and international artists the festival also featured a free outdoor performance by The Flaming Lips. I spoke to Caleb Ian Campbell earlier this afternoon, well-managed excitement in his voice as he told me about the upcoming show: 

Laurel: You used to play shows alone onstage with a guitar, but now you have a backing band. What’s the difference between the two dynamics?

Caleb: I like it a lot better because I can convey what I had in mind originally for the song. I’ve been playing with this band that consists of a keyboardist, bassist, drummer,  and electric guitar. I always had ideas about all of the parts, and now I can watch them fully materialize on stage. We’ve played about five shows together, and it’s been really fun. Plus, they’re all my best friends, and it’s great to be able to play music with people you’re close with. 

The last time we spoke, you were working on an album with the help of critically acclaimed local indie artist Robert Gomez. When do you plan to release it?

I’m sitting on the album right now, trying to be smart about when I release it. I have also written a whole new album’s worth of material. It’s an evolving sound, a little bit more poppy and upbeat. But you can still tell it’s my songwriting. The album’s not out yet, but if you were to listen to that and then hear me live, you’d be able to see the gap between the two.
With two full albums worth of material, how will you decide what to play at Dan’s Silverleaf this weekend?

As far as the live show, I’ll probably play half from the actual album and half brand new stuff. It’s too good not to play live, I’m really excited about it. It has a lot more energy to it- It’s not that I’m bored with the previous songs, it’s just that I’m trying to put together a good show that everyone can be captivated by… included me (laughs).

Catch Caleb Ian Campbell and friends live this Friday, August 20th at Dan’s Silverleaf located at 103 Industrial Street in Denton, Texas. Tickets are $5.00, and the show starts at 10:00pm. You must be 18 and older to enter. For more information, visit:



Picked By: Daniel Kohn and Lauren Novik

Who: Sunset Junction

Where: 4019 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles Ca 90029

When: Saturday August 21-Sunday August 22 from 1-10 PM

Cost: $20

Age Restrictions: All Ages

Says Lauren: So next weekend is Sunset Junction Music Festival and I’m beyond excited.  We’ll be “dancing in the streets” for two whole days of beachy keen fun in the sun!  Accoutrements to said street fest include Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Saint Motel, Sam Sparro to name (very) few!  The best part is- all you underaged hipsters looking to lash out in all the right places are more than welcome- it’s a street festival!  A little preplanning is in your favor for this one, as it’s $15.00 online & $20.00 at the door.  In addition, for our hipsters-in-training 12 and under crowd as well as our seasoned rock veterans 65 and older- entrance fee is completely free!  You can grab your tickets at!  Locale is the uber trendy city of Silverlake- be there, or be square!