Kate Lynne Logan: ‘It Can Be Pretty Magical Sometimes’

Kate Lynne Logan live

Seattle – We’ve had our eyes on rising local musician, Kate Lynne Logan. She captures the spirit of the Pacific Northwest with her enchanting vocals and Americana style of guitar playing. She has the ability to produce alternative country music that appeals to listeners of folk, indie, and classic rock.  Best New Bands had a chance to talk with the singer-songwriter to discuss how she connects with fans and her upcoming acoustic EP.

Jess Keller: Who or what have been your musical influences?

Kate Lynne Logan: Bad decisions and a broken heart, ha ha. I’m influenced by the desire to connect with other people through stories and experiences. I think we all want to know we’re not alone in the world. As far as musical influences, I’m not sure anymore. There are many artists that inspire me. But I don’t think I actually sound anything like them. It’s hard to know how far and how deep someone else’s songs can travel in your head. I could rattle off a bunch of names, but I’ve come to see that influence is complicated and intricate.

How did you evolve from just playing guitar to having a full band backing you?

It’s happened three or four times since high school. I play with a group of guys called The Ghost Runners now. Seems to happen organically. Just a bunch of people with a mutual love of music and respect for each other’s abilities. A lot of things have to come together and fall apart to become a tight unit. Pretty magical to me sometimes.

Is your acoustic EP out now? Or is that still a work in progress?

Still a work in progress. I’ll pick it back up again when I can.

Is making an acoustic album harder in the sense that it’s a more raw and exposed version of you? Or is it easier for you to produce music that is simply you and your guitar?

It can be harder because I’m the one writing the arrangements. And it’s more difficult to keep an acoustic song dynamic and interesting all the way through. There aren’t the swells and textures of other instruments. It feels more vulnerable, in every sense.

Your music seems very honest and open. Is that important to you as a songwriter? Do you think fans connect to that aspect of your music?

It is important to me to be honest, because then the song means something to me. If it doesn’t mean anything to me, I’m not sure how it can mean anything to anyone else. Lots of songs sound good or are fun to listen to, but if they don’t mean anything to you, they’re easily forgotten, and a person doesn’t necessarily feel a need to connect with the artist. I want to write songs that put a finger on your chest bone, songs that refuse to break a stare, songs that make you smile about a sweet memory.

Are you from the Seattle area? How has the area you grew up in affected your music making?

I’m not from Seattle. I’ve lived here for the past 4 years. I grew up in a tiny town in central Washington, which is probably where the country tinge comes from. I listened to a lot of country and pop music growing up, and spent a lot of time playing guitar. I actually learned on an electric. A blue and white Fender Squire!

How has the Seattle scene supported you as a country/pop singer songwriter?

Honestly, the scene can be tough. But I’ve had a lot of support from some immensely talented and kind people, such as Bradford Loomis, Beth Whitney, Sarah Gerritsen, and the band I play with, of course – The Ghost Runners.

Anything else we should be looking forward to that you’re working on?

I’m always writing. But, at this point, I can’t say for certain when my next project will be recorded. I have a big show coming up (December 2) at The Triple Door, for anyone interested who lives in the Seattle area.


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Jess Keller

Jess Keller

Jess has been up and down the California coast but now has landed in Seattle, Washington. With a degree in Film and Media from UC Santa Barbara, she takes part in music journalism, photography and film projects. Her iPod shuffles through hardcore, Midwest indie rap, dreamy electro-pop and everything in between. You are most likely to find her jamming out to vinyl with a good cup of coffee and computer or cat in lap…sometimes both.
Jess Keller