Kazai Rex at Silver Lake Jubilee

Going to a new festival can be a bit of a gamble, and going to a new festival to see a new band (well new to me, anyway) can be a recipe for disappointment. Saturday’s crowd at the Silver Lake Jubilee was relatively tame compared to the drunken hordes at last year’s Sunset Junction, and it wasn’t until the sun went down before the vibe really felt festive enough to be considered worthy of the term. But when I got to SLJ Sunday afternoon, there was already a small crowd waiting anxiously for Kazai Rex. The crowd may have been modest at first, but it grew steadily as the pint-sized female vocalist’s outrageously disproportionate pipes drew curious listeners to the Sunset Stage. They were great performers and looked like they were having the time of their lives onstage, though their sound is hard to describe in just a few words. They’re firmly entrenched in indie rock, but they have a knack for catchy pop choruses and licks. They love to jam and rock out, but there’s also a harder edge that skews punk. In a nutshell, Kazai Rex has a little something for everyone residing in the indie-verse. I caught up with the band after their set, finding them relaxed and happy with their performance. Be sure to check out the interview below along with their song “Know the Answers” above!

Interview with Kazai Rex-filmed by Lauren Novik

If you missed Kazai Rex at the Silver Lake Jubilee, be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook for details on upcoming shows. Their latest full-length album Juggling Snakes is now available on Bandcamp, and be sure to pick up a free demo of their latest work at their next show!