Dancing In The Streets With D.J. Echo


Sometimes you need to just be dancing in the streets- down in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City- Sunset Junction- and to give you your fix of cardio craziness via dance-off, Sunset Junction brought in Deejay Echo to fuel your fire- and he did not disappoint!


At this point every L.A. kid looking to party didn’t care about the name- they were judging the music- the track transitions needed to be eased into with care- so as not to disrupt the feet tapping fanatics sweating it out on Sunset, and mission more than accomplished D.J. Echo!  He not only had the crowd completely amped on his sick song selection- he had people engaging in dance battles, hellbent on proving the music was in their blood that much more than their chosen opponent.


After his insane set time D.J. Echo had a chance to decompress and enlighten me on the fine art of music manipulation at dance party U.S.A.:

BNB:  So I’m standing here talking with DJ Echo who did an amazing impromptu set at Sunset Junction in lieu of DJ Eric Cubee-Chee!  Explain to me what happened with the switch up!

DJE:  Well DJ Eric Cubee-Chee is stuck in Canada right now!

BNB:  Well I’ve got to say you killed it out there!  I know you travel a hell of a lot- where are you based, L.A. or Vegas?

DJE:  I DO travel a lot!  I’m based in L.A.- but I go to Vegas all the time.  I go to Vegas the most outside of L.A.


BNB:  And where do you D.J. the most?  Residency?

DJE:  You know, I don’t have a residency anymore.  This year and last year I’ve just been travelling A LOT.  You know, the game has changed so much.  I know that some Deejays still have residencies- but now for me it’s every week, different city- it’s just never ending- and I don’t even get to repeat.  I won’t go back to that city for say, four or five months!



BNB:  And what are your main influences/ inspirations in regards to music?

DJE:  You know- I’m a hip hop deejay at heart- that’s where I started, I started on vinyl.  Just in the 90s it was always an art.  I was always watching deejay battles and stuff like that.


BNB:  So what’s the track currently on heavy rotation for you right now?

DJE:  Hmm- track currently on heavy rotation for me right now in the hip hop world is still Drake- I love Drake.  In the dance world I’m still stuck on “One” by Swedish House Mafia- and some of the David Guetta records out there.


BNB:  So when you’re MIA from my city and I’m still looking to rock out- do you have a CD us dance fanatics can use and abuse?

DJE:  I DO have a CD!  It’s available on the 944 website on the blog page- they put it up like a week ago!


BNB:  So what’s your next show post Sunset Junction?

DJE:  Well tonight (THIS GUY DOESN’T MISS A BEAT) I’m at Ember in Anaheim- and at 6a.m. I’m on a flight to New York!

BNB:  Jet-setting all over the place!


BNB:  Where can fans and dance fiends reach you at?

DJE:  They can find me at twitter.com/DJEcho or just DJECHO.net- I have mixes on there they can just download and stuff!


BNB:  Deejay you really kind of follow- look up to per say?

DJE:  You know right now I don’t really have one- but back in the day on vinyl I’d really look up to a lot of the battle deejays- Scratch Pickles, Beat Junkies…You know the game is changing so fast now, I’m just trying to stay ahead- find new motivation.

BNB:  Closing Remarks?

DJE:  Just thanks to everyone that came out!  If you missed it- catch me somewhere else, or I’ll be back next year!


For those of you that don’t want the summer dance fest to stop, you can check out D.J. Echo’s twisted tracks at www.djecho.net!


P.S.- the fusion of hip hop and rock is unexpected and ever-welcome.  Looks like D.J. Echo doesn’t have to worry about staying a step ahead- he’s there.