Semi Precious Weapons- On The Rox- With A Twist


I swore up and down that I was going to take an entire week to recover for SXSW 6th street insanity- lay low, re-coup, etc.  So that plan didn’t exactly work.  In fact, I pretty much burned the paper with that plan written on it as soon as I heard Semi Precious Weapons were back in my city of (often fallen) angels.  There was really only one logical thing to do (aside from actually enforcing said aforementioned plan) so I hopped in my car and over the hill to reacquaint myself with the rock & reckless crew that’s no stranger to the young, broke, and scandalous.

And boy did we get up close and personal as the four boys and myself (the resident little lady) crammed sardine style into the women’s bathroom of On The Rox.  Welcome to my office.

You can catch the SPW crew on the monster ball tour with Lady Gaga- and definitely head over to their last empire show next week, grab a drink, On The Rox- with a twist.