Setting The Record Straight With The Upsidedown


Photo by Jung Kim

I was lucky enough to see The Upsidedown this past weekend for a little Saturday night music mayhem in L.A.  The venue, The Bootleg Theater, served as a more than sufficient backdrop for the song with a dark, dingy, country-folk fusion feel.  I literally felt like I was back at SXSW between the music and boots surrounding me.

The Upsidedown (Jason Adams, Matt Moore, Brett Kron, Tristan Evans, Bob Mild, Jason Anchondo) were definitely on their game that night.  And it’s no wonder the sextet’s music have been featured on several primetime shows- the intensity of their music is almost unbearable at times.  Case in point, a recent track on True Blood- their music captured the hot and humid town full of nightmarish chaos perfectly- think Justin Warfield’s voice (She Wants Revenge) accompanied by intense rock that sounds as though it may have been imported straight from the South.

The Upsidedown are successfully twisting and turning set musical genre’s on their sides with their ability to manipulate sounds and songs- and the way they play off each other on stage is truly a treat for eyes and ears!

The busy group was off and running after the show to continue on to their next- but lead singer and guitarist Jason Adams agreed to be the newest addition to my correspondence and my new favorite penpal worked his way through my questions while on the road again.  Here’s where our new found cyber savoir faire got us:


BNB:  Name a few of your major influences!

JA:  Major influences such as Oscar Wilde, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Patsy Cline, The Black Angels, the endangered creature aye aye, Harold and Maude, Motorcycles, puppies, vintage guitars, Brian Eno, Warhols, Howard Finster, Dickard, cowboy boots, Stumptown coffee, and the kindness of strange friends and family have allowed us to hold on to our daydream.


BNB:  Ahh, Hallmark moment!  Growing up, who would you have died to have an “Almost Famous” moment with?

JA:  Growing up I would have died to have an almost famous moment with. Dolly Patton, Danny Elfman, Raquel Welch, Magic Johnson, Tom Waits, Gertrude Stein, Paul Klee, Boss High, Erin Grey from Buck Rogers, John Belushi, and Chuck Berry.


BNB:  Among your touring & travels, what venue did/do you enjoy the most?

JA:  Our favorite venues we have played are The Wiltern in LA, Great American Music Hall and The Warfield in SF, The Vic Theater in Chicago, The Commodore in Vancouver BC, and Doug Fir and Roseland in Portland.


BNB:  Your song “Wolf Blood Honey” was recently featured on HBO’s True Blood- has it “vamped” up your career in any way?

JA:  HBO’s True Blood has given us a great new audience and our amazing licensing company Bicycle Music in Beverly Hills has gotten us fantastic placements in cool shows the likes of Sons of Anarchy and many other primetime slots on CBS, NBC, and ABC. It’s sometimes Spinal Tap fun to work with music supervisors and get them what they need.


BNB:  How did you all form- a whole lot of auditioning or casting couch nonsense, or did you know each other throughout the years?

JA:  We formed when the moon kissed the earth. We were born small, winged and transparent. 3 Missourians,1 Oregonian, and 2 born in California.


BNB:  What would you do for a Klondike bar?

JA:  We would live on a Amish commune churn butter for a Klondike bar.


BNB:  What major festival would you want to play at in some capacity?

Big festivals we would love to play are the isle of White, Altamont, Big Day Out, Lolla, MFNW, Tea in the Park, Reading, and Clean Air Clear Stars.


BNB:  The majority of the music that influences you seems to hail from what country?  Name a few artists!

JA:  We love European bands like The Beatles, MBV, JAMC, FOALS, ECHO and the Bunnyen, The Cure, The Smiths, Bowie, and many more.


BNB:  Craziest touring/ performance story that’s happened to you?

JA:  Craziness ensued when we played Toronto to 10,000, sold 80 CDs and were mobbed for autographs. …. and Montreal.  Craziest tour story would have to include driving off while Brett was packing gear on the roof of our van named Steve. Also, NASHVILLE’S Supper club w guns, ambulances, Dave Clouds shirt off and Hollis’ love for his Oregon family.


BNB:  Closing remarks?

In closing I’d like to quote ELO, “hold on tight to your dreams” ……and please pick up our new album The Town With Bad Wiring, coming out on Reverb Records September 28th.


Nor Cal kids can catch them Tomorrow, August 18 at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento!  Those outside of said zipcode can head to to see when you can flip musical convention on its side with The Upsidedown.  After listening to Something Good, (check out “La Paloma” and “Spiders”) I have no doubt there’s something great to follow in The Town With Bad Wiring.