Love, Laughter, and Happiness: A Night with Good Graeff

Good Graeff live by Sarah Hess

Chicago – Good grief, Good Graeff! Sorry, it had to be done. However, after getting to know twin sisters Brooke and Brittany “Brit” Graeff – that’s Graeff like “safe” – you too will be exclaiming it, but in a good way, of course. Brooke (guitar, lead vocals) and Brit (cello, backup vocals) along with their touring bandmates Tyler Solu (bass) and Damon Owens (drums) create irresistible indie folk pop,.  Brooke and Brit first started making music at age sixteen, but only recently did the two come together to make a serious endeavor of it. While living in Hanoi, Vietnam, they began playing for friends, then started packing ‘em in at open mic nights and small clubs, and after bringing their older sister to tears, they were convinced they could really make a go of it. So they moved back to the States, first to Florida and then sunny California. However, lately the Graeff sisters, along with their dog Lucy, have called the road home, traveling around in their RV “Ol’ Roosie,” and spreading good vibes and sweet tunes. Friday night Good Graeff made a stop in Chicago, while on tour with Mates of State and Hey Marseilles.

The Graeff sisters excitedly skipped on stage. Brooke put her hands out, as if to hug the crowd, smiled and said, “I wanna give it up that the U.S. has made marriage equality happen!” The room erupted in applause and cheers. Indeed it was a joyous day around the U.S. and in Chicago, hearing Good Graeff perform at Lincoln Hall was the cherry on top!

Brooke and Brittany started the night off with “White Horses,” off the EP Better Half. The duo also played some new material from their upcoming EP Good Job Go, including the funny, lighthearted song “Peiky Peiky.” After they gave a little “lecture” on the nail biting mentioned in “Peiky Peiky,” Brooke joked, “It’s a disgusting habit and you shouldn’t do it,” but then allowed for some exceptions: “Maybe you’re a nervous person?” The room laughed along with her. The sisters laughed all night long, showing off their fabulous humor and quirky personalities. (Best New Bands caught the laughs first hand in our interview with Good Graeff. Stay tuned for the hilarious interview!)

Of course Good Greaff also showcased their musical talents. Brit played the cello like a boss, while Brooke sang her heart out. You can tell Brooke used to be in a punk band after seeing her jumping around and whipping her hair back and forth. She drew the audience in. After the show, many a conversation revolved around just how fantastic Good Graeff was.

The single “I Want That” spread smiles and had people clapping to the beat. A few ladies up front even danced along. The sisters also had smiles on their faces the whole show, but especially so during the final song of the night. The girls and their bandmates looked like they were having the time of their lives performing “Topeka.” Tyler Solu and Brooke Graeff locked eyes, smiled wide, and shook their booties. People on the main floor followed suit, making for a hoedown of sorts. It was the perfect ending to an amazing day filled with so much love, laughter, and happiness!

Good Graeff are touring all summer. A list of dates is available on the Good Graeff facebook page. Good Job Go is set for release on July 7.

Photo by Sarah Hess

Sarah Hess

Sarah Hess

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