These Furies Are Good For You

the furies

It was four years ago when Lee Moretti’s awesome red hair and I first crossed paths. She was a bassist for New York-based band The Upwelling, but parted ways with them, before she and I crossed paths again when she joined San Francisco alternative rock band Third Eye Blind occasionally as an additional guitar player

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BNBTV Spotlight: thatwasthen, “This Is War”

thatwasthen-promo-resized   So I press play on this video, and I’m watching…and I’m watching and I’m thinking…this looks familiar…really familiar.  Oh ya! I was totally at this concert.  And now it makes sense why there were so many people videoing there (makes for interesting camera angles, huh?).  And then I remember the energy and as

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Music and Sense Memory

I had a lovely barbecue tonight with a group of friends, and I rushed beforehand to make a playlist in my iTunes appropriate for use during summery barbecues. I wanted it to be a mix of fast and slow, classic rock and danceable party beats, sing-along classics everyone can join in during, and various bands

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20 Questions with John Shipe


I want to publish interviews with bands and musicians I love here, but I am a terrible interviewer. As gifted as I am with writing in “spin,” I stink as a straight journalist. Having made my peace with that, I decided to try to come up with a generic list of interview questions that I

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