Cardiknox Shines Light On Portrait

Cardiknox by Sarah Hess - Best New Bands

Chicago –  L.A. duo Cardiknox is ready to unveil Portrait, the indie pop band’s debut album. The masterminds behind Cardiknox – Lonnie Angle and Thomas Dutton – have been hard at work, making their dreams come true, despite the occasional obstacles here and there. The two met in Seattle, became friends, and together moved to New

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Kazai Rex at Silver Lake Jubilee


Going to a new festival can be a bit of a gamble, and going to a new festival to see a new band (well new to me, anyway) can be a recipe for disappointment. Saturday’s crowd at the Silver Lake Jubilee was relatively tame compared to the drunken hordes at last year’s Sunset Junction, and

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This week, is going to SXSW!

sxsw_2011_logo staffers Laurel Kathleen and Lauren Novik are hitting the road for SXSW this week, and we invite you to keep tabs on what they’re up to here on the site and via Twitter! You can follow on Twitter at Follow Laurel Kathleen on Twitter at Follow Lauren Novik on Twitter at

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Texas In July, In January!


Sometimes living in the world renowned city of Los Angeles seems amazing.  You’d think living in a city with an unrivaled amount of culture and music could hold no bad characteristics.  Then it takes you an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the Key Club and suddenly that city with a population of two

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Minus The Bear Has Us On Their Time


Minus The Bear rocked the Wiltern in Los Angeles last night- and the performance was more than a little impressive.  I entered during the first song only to find myself amidst an argument between someone working at the Wiltern and a fan who was beyond upset with his hundred dollar balcony seats.  The main issue

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Kopek’s White Collar Lies is Red Hot


Unwrapping what seemed to be about the hundreth CD I’d finally had the chance to wade through- I was slightly excited about these eleven tracks based on the CD’s poignant name alone- White Collar Lies.  But, being slightly jaded from several lackluster tunes and tracks that had dominated the better half of my morning already-

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Dancing In The Streets With D.J. Echo


Sometimes you need to just be dancing in the streets- down in Chicago, New Orleans, New York City- Sunset Junction- and to give you your fix of cardio craziness via dance-off, Sunset Junction brought in Deejay Echo to fuel your fire- and he did not disappoint!   At this point every L.A. kid looking to

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