Q&A with Canada’s Jess Hill


Jess Hill “A Common Bird” Despite the song title above, Canada’s Jess Hill is a very uncommon bird indeed. For starters, she comes across as an old soul thriving in an increasingly modern world, and somehow she makes it look easy. Recombining traditional folk and blues elements to fit her unique artistic vision seems to

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These Furies Are Good For You

the furies

It was four years ago when Lee Moretti’s awesome red hair and I first crossed paths. She was a bassist for New York-based band The Upwelling, but parted ways with them, before she and I crossed paths again when she joined San Francisco alternative rock band Third Eye Blind occasionally as an additional guitar player

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BNBTV Spotlight: Verity in Stereo, “One Shot”

BestNewBands.com Verity in Stereo. Hmm.  My first reaction is to look up the word ‘verity.’ verity |ˈveritē|: noun ( pl. -ties), a true principle or belief, esp. one of fundamental importance : the eternal verities. Now, “in Stereo”?  How about ‘through sound.’  Ok. Truth through sound. I can dig this. Now I listen.

Q&A: Emily Simonian


For Orange County singer/piano vixen Emily Simonian, music has been driving force in her life. Though she was forced into playing, Simonian eventually came to grips with music and became something she loves. Recently, Bestnewbands.com caught up with her to talk about how her musical influences, what she learned from her brief time at Berklee

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