Kopek’s White Collar Lies is Red Hot


Unwrapping what seemed to be about the hundreth CD I’d finally had the chance to wade through- I was slightly excited about these eleven tracks based on the CD’s poignant name alone- White Collar Lies.  But, being slightly jaded from several lackluster tunes and tracks that had dominated the better half of my morning already- I didn’t hold my hopes too high.

Holy hell was I wrong- and totally blown away by the Irish trio, and the hard rock influences of the seventies including the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures are very clearly influences to the Dublin boys of Kopek (“cocaine chest pains” would make TCV happy to be named a major influence on the kids!)

In the midst of planning their upcoming move to the states, and before their acostic performance in the city that never sleeps reserved solely for the label heads, I had a chance to catch up with lead singer Daniel Jordan, and in between the cityscape soundtrack of ambulance sirens and white noise, he told me a little bit more about their highly anticipated upcoming release White Collar Lies!

BNB:  So how are you doing today?

K:  You know we’re really enjoying being here in New York- we’re going to play a few songs tonight!

BNB:  So you guys have a CD coming out – White Collar Lies- when’s that coming out?

DJ:  It’s coming out on January the 8th!


BNB:  Great it was a long time coming, eh?

DJ:  Yeah we’ve finished the record quite a while ago!  So we’ve just been getting ready for that- we’ve got a song releasing “cocaine chest pains” and it’s the first song off the album and that will be the lead single.  So we’re all very excited, very anxious to get going!

BNB:  Well that is indeed a great track- I was lucky enough to preview the CD and I love that track as well as “love is dead!”

DJ:  Thanks a million for that one then!  Those are my two favorites as well actually, you know?


BNB:  So what would you say are your main musical influences as a band?

DJ:  You know we’re into a lot of the kind of classic rock- we’re into like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and then we’re into the kind of newer stuff like Them Crooked Vultures, The Black Keys.

BNB:  Quite the variety you have going on there!

DJ:  You know we’re really into kind of all kinds of music- as long as it sounds good to us!


BNB:  So now you hail from Dublin, Ireland- what’s the main difference you’ve noticed between the music seen here as opposed to back over there?

DJ:  You know I think there’s just a bit more opportunity for bands over here in America- at home in Ireland it’s very difficult to get kind of get people behind ya- and if ya do manage to make a few waves you’ve got to have them take it back to their bosses and the like- who then have to go back to their bosses in America- so you’re kind of at the bottom fo the food chain.  So it’s kind of hard to get things done.  That’s why we’re comin’ over here!

BNB:  Yeah word on the street is you’re moving over here to the states!

DJ:  Yeah we should be getting over there in about January!  When the album comes out we’re gonna spend a little bit of time workin’ over here for a week and then we may come back over here for another week before Christmas to do a bit of promotion- and the plan is to hopefully be over here in the new year when the album comes out!


BNB:  Nationwide tour in the works to help promote the release?

DJ:  Well that’s the plan- the wheels are kind of in motion right now so we’re just trying to figure out how to go about it!  The last couple a times we’ve come to the states we played shows and the people are just SO responsive over here!


BNB:  So getting ready to perform as a band- any pre-show vices or rituals?

DJ:  Oh yeah but I don’t know if I can go into ‘em now, ya know?  We kind of have a big hug and go for it- ya know?  Say our prayers.


BNB:  If given the opportunity to collaborate with another musical artist- who would it be?

DJ:  I think Jimmy Page- he’s one of my favorite guitar players!  Just to pick his brain- maybe hear some stories!


BNB:  If you could all be a part of or play any music festival- which would it be?

DJ:  Oh ya know I’d have to say Glastonbury!  It’s in the South of England and it’s very famous and it’s sort of a really spiritual festival that’s been goin’ there for bout forty years now.  It’s an amazing place- I’ve been there one time before and it just kind of has this very spiritual essence unlike anywhere else!


BNB:  Favorite touring story to date thus far?

DJ:  I think when we were in Holland- we lived in Holland for about six months and we met this guy on our street and he was a promoter throughout Europe and he hooked us up with a week’s ski vacation in Europe way up in the Alps.  So it was great scenery and a great time- free accommodations and we got to get up on the slopes for free as well!

BNB:  Ahh but do you snowboard or ski?!

DJ:  Well I could snowboard by the end of the week!

BNB:  How long has Kopek been together?

DJ:  Oh we’ve been together for about a little over eight years I think!

BNB:  That’s a good length of time to get to know someone- how’d you all meet?

DJ:  Well the two lads the bass player and the drummer grew up together- so they grew up as friends, and then they put an ad in the paper and I responded!  We’ve just been jammin’ ever since!


BNB:  Now White Collar Lies is your first major release?

DJ:  Yeah this is kind of our first album proper we’ve done.  We’ve recorded in the past but we never had as much time to spend recording a record- nor the finances as we did on this one- so we’re all very excited about it!


BNB:  That’s quite a title for the CD- grabbed my attention right away!  What was the main inspiration behind the eleven tracks?

DJ:  You know it was actually written a few years ago when America first invaded Iraq and we were talkin’ and we just had certain issues that we’d like to talk about so we discussed them amongst ourselves and then the songs were born into that.  So it was quite a long time ago when it was written- but it’s still relevant today.


BNB:  Closing remarks for friends and fans?

DJ:  We’re just very anxious to get over and thanks so much for all your support.  We really can’t wait to come the new year and start playin some shows- have people really hear the album!

Though the entirely too courteous Dublin boy invited me to their song set I respectfully declined- due solely to the fact that I live three thousand miles away and therefore found myself entirely too geographically challenged to make it!  I am however really looking forward to hearing Kopek live- and if they’re anything like I expect (a total Them Crooked Vultures scenario) though I know the CD is great- it’ll be an entirely different, amplified sound to hear them up close and personal stageside.  Most rockaholics thrashed the TCV release but they discredited the fact that these bands are great on CD, would be better on vinyl (what isn’t better on vinyl?) and blow your mind amazing live.  That’s the essence of retro rock come back to life!  So Kopek, thanks in advance for letting the ghosts of music past inhabit your eleven tracks of relentless no holds barred tunes.  Rock on- and be on the lookout for White Collar Lies to drop January eight!

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