Minus The Bear Has Us On Their Time


Minus The Bear rocked the Wiltern in Los Angeles last night- and the performance was more than a little impressive.  I entered during the first song only to find myself amidst an argument between someone working at the Wiltern and a fan who was beyond upset with his hundred dollar balcony seats.  The main issue was apparently that MTB’s light show made it next to impossible for the random fan to “see” the performance.  Pretty sure that might have been what MTB was going for.  So I enter the theater to see exactly what the disgruntled Angelino was griping about- except myself and seemingly every other kid in there LOVED the lit up stage.

The whole essence of their latest CD Omni was creatively captured and perfectly presented on stage (see the video for “My Time” below!)   The Wiltern served as a perfect venue for MTB’s performance and the hybrid of old world charm and new neo-technology had fans and music fiends’ eyes glued to the stage for the lights, cameras, and a whole lot of action.

There’s no worse feeling than getting to a concert you’ve been dying to see and then having the band not play that one song you NEEDED to hear live.  It started to look like myself and several others would be experiencing a little post-partum concert depression after playing several tracks off Omni and neglecting an old favorite- but MTB appeased us with a grandiose dose of “Pachuca Sunrise” during the encore, and the crowd absolutely ate it up.

In lieu of several hand carrying cameras that I’ve gotten all too accustomed to seeing when I glance at the audience, people were taking it back to the old school and upping the ante- holding up real lighters that had the Wiltern audience alight with a concert vibe from yesteryear that definitely needs a repeat performance more often.

You can catch Minus The Bear next in Arizona tonight, and check back at www.myspace.com/minusthebear to stay tuned in to the latest and greatest concerning MTB!