Texas In July, In January!


Sometimes living in the world renowned city of Los Angeles seems amazing.  You’d think living in a city with an unrivaled amount of culture and music could hold no bad characteristics.  Then it takes you an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the Key Club and suddenly that city with a population of two is looking pretty damn dreamy.  Exiting the car and fighting tooth and nail to get to the front of the line for the Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour, aka metal show of the month and you get a contact high from all the fans in line eagerly awaiting their approved wristband anointment and entering the venue welcomed by metal based band Texas In July- you remember why you love where you live.

The ruckus induced rush beckons you closer to the stage and suddenly you’re drowning in a sea of hair color that would rival the Roy-G-Biv spectrum you’re now wishing you paid more attention to in school.  Aside from the usual crowd surfing and rowdy crowd antics the young members of Texas In July seem unconcerned and steadily rock the stage with a confidence far beyond their years.

Not that the tour was without complications- Joshua Moore of We Came As Romans fell terribly ill, but as Josh would have wanted, the lineup is fully adhering to his the show must go on request.  Almost unscathed by the unexpected complication Texas In July successfully did their best to get the crowd amped for a show, and had the crowd unexpectedly falling in love with their music.  To get the details on the surprising lust at first listen, I chatted with the band post set.

LN:  I checked out your MySpace and good god- are you even midway through your tour?  You’ve got like a ton more dates!

TIJ:  Yeah, we’ve got about another month and a half on the road!

LN:  So no rest for the wicked, eh?

TIJ:  No.  Definitely not.


LN:  Alright let’s get through with the basics, shall we?  What bands do you attribute your main musical influences to?

TIJ:  You know- a bunch of different stuff.  Forever In Terror.

LN:  So are most of your musical inspirations metal-based, or would you say you’re semi-eclectic when it comes to that?

TIJ:  We’re kind of all over the place- Alex listens to a bunch of country.

LN:  Cool- so I won’t be going in the car with you, ever.

TIJ:  No, no- like 75% of the time hip hop’s playing.  That, and slow jams.

LN:  Kidding- but that’s a little different from what you play on stage!

TIJ:  We like to think that hip hop has the same feel as metal in some ways…

LN:  I can get down with that idea- the lyrics to a lot of hip hop and metal songs are sorely overrated!

TIJ:  Yeah, I try and make things rhyme.

(we all laugh with the resident Dr. Suess lyricist who’s sense of humor extends far beyond his years already.)


LN:  You guys have been on the road for a bit- craziest thing that’s happened on tour thus far?

TIJ:  Las Vegas was pretty crazy!

LN:  Care to share?

TIJ:  Literally we just walked for miles and miles down the strip!  We did see mariachi Elvis- he was like a super midget!

LN:  I’ll definitely be on the lookout for him next time I’m in the LV!


LN:  Currently bumping in the tour van?

TIJ:  Absolutely nothing- because our Ipod chord is broken!

LN:  That would be my version of hell.

TIJ:  Yeah- so anything we can find on the radio.


LN:  You’re stranded on a deserted island and can only bring three cd’s.  Go!

TIJ:  Gotta bring the Recovery, Brad Paisley’s greatest hits, and Drake, comeback season.

LN:  Definitely eclectic!


LN:  A couple of you just graduated high school- how is it being on tour so young?

TIJ:  It’s amazing- the first tour I went on I was fifteen, with Texas In July, and it’s been insane ever since.


LN:  Pre-show vices or rituals?

TIJ:  Stretch out, play some music- we used to do that drumline thing “one band, one sound.”


LN:  Plans for twenty-eleven?

TIJ:  LOTS of touring.  We’re putting out a new album!

LN:  When’s that set to drop?

TIJ:  Sometime in April!  We’re probably going to shoot a music video, hopefully.

LN:  That’s exciting- now here’s the question- are you guys going to direct it yourself, or get someone else?

TIJ:  SOMEONE ELSE!  Or else it’ll look something terrible!  We’d probably shoot it in a bowling alley or something!

LN:  Listen- cosmic bowling’s making a comeback.


LN:  Save on the road fast food joint?

TIJ:  Taco Bell, Burger King, CHECKERS!

LN:  Ok- what in the world is Checkers?

TIJ:  WHAT!??!?!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?  Well, I guess that’s like us not knowing what In N Out is.

LN:  WHAT!?  In N Out!?  Alright- I’ll try Checkers if you try In N Out.

TIJ:  Deal for sure.

(We proceed to shake on said agreement.  They will be notified via email when my end of the bargain is held up.  Any readers that know where aforementioned fastfood establishment is located, please comment below.)


LN:  Closing Remarks?

TIJ:  Look out for a new CD coming in April off Equal Vision Records!

After stalling the removal of the tour van from the Key Club parking lot for as long as possible Texas In July was finally free to wander about the Sunset Strip (slightly different than the aforementioned vegas strip- but you never know where a Mariachi Elvis might pop up) to finally get some dinner.  To keep updated on the latest and greatest with Texas In July (in January) head to www.myspace.com/texasinjuly, and be sure to keep an eye out for their CD in April!