5 New Songs We Like – Number 8

New SongsPortland – (Publishers Note: We all reach that point where our favorite playlist starts to feel a bit tired and needs some new songs; well most of us do. Not writers for Best New Bands though, because its our job to listen to all the best new stuff. Actually the issue with being a writer for Best New Bands is covering all the great new music we listen to. Despite our most sincere efforts, we have realized we can’t review everything. So, we’ve decided to resume our “5 New Songs We Like” series. Here are some of our favorite songs we didn’t get to talk about. We hope they spice up your playlist.)

Color Palette- Heartless

Color Palette’s debut single is a welcome introduction to their full-length album, due out later this year. The band (shown above) draws from influences that span as widely as Washed Out and Joy Division. The result has earned them praise for their inventive and subdued approach to indie rock/pop.

YAWN- Day Trip

The Chicago quartet will release their EP of the same title August 21st, but their summery single is enough to get us excited for what’s to come from the psychedelic pop outfit. It hints at a sound similar to very updated take on the Beach Boys.


Wildhoney- Sleep Through It

The shoegaze pop Baltimore five piece just finished a touring stint with Punk powerhouse Ceremony after releasing their debut album. “Sleep Through It” has more rock elements than their previous work, but still manages to lure us in with a surfy backdrop that emphasizes its dreamier aspects.

Wavves x Cloud Nothings- No Life For Me

Wavves and Cloud Nothings have formed a supergroup with their new collaboration. The duo’s album and subsequent tour have been highly anticipated because the two are so vastly different. The result of those differences is a single that gives us a taste of what the lo-fi pop artist and hardcore frontman have to offer.

Disclosure- Holding On Ft. Gregory Porter

The Surrey-born brothers have amassed a sizable fan base after their debut album “Settle.” Their latest music video makes use of the surreal to accompany the chaotic dance beat of “Holding On.”

Dakota Smith

Dakota Smith

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